VIP Silver PackageDescription: The VIP Silver Support Package offers weekly Breakthrough sessions and email support.

Duration: 12 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions via skype (valid 3 months).
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About The VIP Silver Support Package.

The VIP Silver Support Package is comprised of 12 x 60 minute Coaching and Healing Sessions with Katrina, over a 3 month period.

This package is for the woman who is looking to release the past so they can step into a bright new future filled with possibility.

In this package, Katrina will help you to release physical, mental and emotional blocks that may have kept you feeling stuck.

She will help you to reconnect back to your body and intuition.  She will also help you to get clear on your dreams and confidently take steps forward.

This package is right for you if you know that you could benefit from the support of a loving and non judgemental healing guide.

Katrina's clients have included celebrities, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, therapists, coaches, healers, authors and artists.

She works with her clients all over the world via Skype and email.

Who is the VIP Silver Package Suitable For?

The VIP Silver Package is most suitable for the woman who is looking to release the past and connect with a truer version of themselves.

Possible areas for coaching and healing support may include...

  • You would like to break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle and learn how to lose weight naturally.
  • You would like to heal emotional eating for good or release other chronic addictions or health conditions.
  • You have big visions for a creative project that you would like to see manifest in the world and need a sounding board.

  • You are going through a big change or challenge in your life and would appreciate some love, guidance and encouragement.

  • You are working on your spiritual path and know that you would benefit from some additional support, guidance and healing.

  • You would appreciate some inspiration to declutter your possessions and simplify your life.

  • You are needing to let go of the past so that you can have the courage to move forward and create a life you love.

  • You are envisioning new possibilities for yourself, as you enter a new and exciting phase in your life.

Why Book a VIP Silver Package with Katrina Love Senn?

Katrina lives and breathes healing and transformation.

Everything she speaks about and shares comes from her direct experience and having worked with thousands of women all over the world.

On Katrina's healing journey she lost over 60 pounds naturally, healed her body of chronic disease and has created a life that she loves.

She is the author of two Amazon best-selling books. Her first book is called Losing Weight is a Healing Journey and her second book is called Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

After Katrina graduated from University with her Marketing (hons) degree, she quickly discovered that she did not enjoy working in the corporate world.

She felt trapped in a life that she didn't want to lead.

After a deep process of self-enquiry, Katrina was able to successfully transform her work life as well.

She transitioned from her prestigious marketing job at a multi-national company to launch a new career as an international yoga teacher, healer and author.

Today Katrina is the CEO of her own business and is an inspiration for women all over the world.

Her passion is to help women (just like you!) have the courage to heal and transform their lives for the better.

She gives her clients the courage to release and reshape what's not working in their lives, so they can make more room for what they love.

Katrina works in a gentle, kind and loving way, that heals long standing life challenges at the root.  She is inspired by helping women transform their lives so they can feel more creative, confident and content.

About Katrina Love Senn

Katrina Love Senn is an international yoga teacher, retreat leader, healer and author.

She helps women (and some pretty special men) to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

She has written two ground breaking books 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey' and 'Heal Emotional Eating for Good'.

Katrina has taught her unique Healing Hatha Yoga Classes and Retreats all over the world. Including beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

Katrina has been featured on Sky TV, Natural Health magazine and High Spirit magazine.  She is also a regular contributor for popular wellness blogs MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Food Matters.

She is a natural intuitive and has a fun, warm and heart-centred approach to living and life. She infuses her teaching with inspiration, love and encouragement.

katrina love senn

What Others are Saying About
Katrina's VIP Silver Package.

sally a

quote grey"Her methods inspire taking action which is crucial part to any healing..."

"I first met Katrina on one of her wonderful retreats and spent a week reaping the benefits of her gentle, kind and supportive way of seeing things.

Most importantly I feel real benefit from any time spent with her being it reading her books, listening to her meditations or speaking with her face to face in my VIP Silver Coaching and Support Package.

I am making great progress in managing my life. She is an incredibly valuable resource in helping me reconnect to my spirit and regain full health.

Her methods inspire taking action which is the crucial part to any healing.

~ Sally A (United Kingdom) ~

Sarah W

quote "She is one of the most gifted healers I have come across... And because of what I do I have met a lot..."

I have been working on a 1:1 basis with Katrina on the VIP Silver Coaching and Healing Support Package.

She has not only helped me to address the reasons behind my weight problems but she has also helped me with other huge problems that have contributed to my being extremely ill for a number of years.

She is one of the most gifted healers I have ever come across and because of what I do I have met a lot. She is also extremely funny, kind and has a huge heart.

~ Sarah W  (United Kingdom) ~


Special Bonuses for the VIP Silver Package

The Silver package comes with 5 special VIP client bonuses (Total value - $1,601)

Email Support via Evernote

Bonus #1: Email Support

You will have email access to Katrina in-between your Skype Sessions.

We will use Evernote to store all your coaching emails, notes, exercises, and breakthroughs.

Bonus Value: $997

Skype Call Recordings

Bonus #2: Skype Session Recording

Each of your Sessions will be recorded upon request.

They will be available for you to access within 48 hours of your Session.

Bonus Value: $497

 Healing Meditations for Natural Weightloss

Bonus #3: Healing Meditations for Natural Weightloss

You will receive a free copy of the 'Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss' Package through Katrina's Membership Site.

Bonus Value: $67

 Losing Weight is a Healing Journey

Bonus #4: Signed copy of 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey'

Katrina will personally sign, send and post you a copy of her book, 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A woman's guide to losing weight naturally'.

Shipping and handling is included.

Bonus Value: $25 (+ shipping costs)

 Katrina's Weightloss Recipes

Bonus #5: Katrina's Recipe eBook

You will receive a free copy of Katrina's Recipe eBook called, 'Katrina’s Weight Loss Recipe eBook - 44 Fast & Fabulous Vegetarian Recipes'

This is an instant download (digital copy) recipe eBook and will be available via Katrina's Membership site.

Bonus Value: $15


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