natural health cover apr12Publication: Natural Health Magazine
Date: April 2012
Author: Jini Reddy
Title: No Regrets

Regrets are a part of life but it is learning from them that's important...

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Katrina Love Senn,

34, is a healer (

"For many years I struggled with my weight, putting myself on strict diets, starving myself, counting calories and forcing myself to pound the pavements.  THis self-inflicted programme of dieting and deprivation ran my life for years.  With each new 'diet' that I tried (and failed), I was left feeling heavier and worse about myself than ever before.  Over time, my self esteem plummeted. After years of living this wayI was totally surprised when one day my body just broke down.  But it gave me the time and the opportunity to go on a healing journey and it was here that I lost 60 pounds and uncovered the secrets to permanent weight loss, health and happiness.  Today it is my goal to help and inspire women all over the world so that they can lose weight without dieting, drugs, deprivation or surgery."

Katrina Love Senn is the author of 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey. (£11.95