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Feeling Stressed?


Discover INSTANT Stress-Release Techniques in My Upcoming Class...


Life can easily get in the way of our best intentions for creating health and happiness...

If you are feeling stressed, then come join me in this FREE 1 hour inspirational 'stress-busting' online Zoom class.

Together, we will kickstart your health and wellness journey, using fun, easy-to-use healing tools and techniques that lead to BIG results!

In this FREE 1 Hour Class with Katrina Love Senn You Will Discover:  

  • The 2 different types of stress
  • The root cause of ALL stress and why addressing this is important
  • Easy, fun and practical healing tools and techniques to help you release stress instantly
  • Why paying attention to our stress can help you to feel happier, healthier and more joyful
  • How stress can help you to lovingly release the past, so that you can step into new possibilities in your life! 

Date - Tuesday 28 September at noon Pacific / 3 p.m. Eastern

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About Katrina Love Senn

Katrina Love Senn is an author and healer.

She helps women (and some pretty special men) to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

She has written two ground breaking books 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey' and 'Heal Emotional Eating for Good'.

Katrina has taught her unique Healing Hatha Yoga Classes and Retreats all over the world. Including beautiful places like the Greek Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

Katrina has been featured on Sky TV, Natural Health magazine and High Spirit magazine.  She is also a regular contributor for popular wellness blogs MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Food Matters.

She is a natural intuitive and has a fun, warm and heart-centred approach to living and life. She infuses her teaching with inspiration, love and encouragement.

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