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I spent the past summer on the beautiful Greek Island of Skyros.

I was teaching morning yoga classes and offering my signature 'Breakthrough Healing Sessions' with a retreat centre called Skyros Holidays.

Skyros is a truly magical place and one that will always be very close to my heart.

My husband and I first visited this small island in 2008 and we have returned many times since.  We even married there in 2010.

Last week we departed the island on board a little 20-seater airplane.

As we were looking back over the island from the clouds, Damien held my hand and asked me, “What special memories will you be taking away with you this time?”

Here is a selection of what I shared on our short flight back to Athens…

1. The importance of looking after our health:

One of my favourite memories of the trip was speaking to my elderly neighbour called Frosini, with the help of a Greek translator.

She is a 90-something year old Greek lady who lived in the village with the most heart warming smile.

One of the pieces of wisdom she shared in our conversation was “Your health is the most important thing you have.  It is your only real wealth.  For without your health, you have nothing".

It was such a special interaction and I will always treasure her simple yet profound message.

2. All the flavours of the Greek cuisine and produce:

The food in Greece is heavenly. I really enjoy the simplicity of the Greek cuisine.

Vasso, the retreat centre cook, delighted and nourished our bodies with her authentic dishes.

We also got to enjoy many of the restaurants and cafes on the island too!

I especially enjoyed seeing farmers selling their local produce from the back of their trucks.  I loved the juicy pink watermelons, sweet grapes, fresh greens and olives.

3. The smell of flowers:

Skyros is an island that comes alive with different smells, sounds and colours.

I particularly enjoyed walking past all the softly scented flowers in the village. 

Especially at night-time when the distinctive aroma of Jasmine infused the marbled cobblestone streets.

I also loved all the beautiful colours. The bougainvilleas, hibiscus and mustard flowers decorated the island with delicious hues of pink, purple, orange and yellow.

4. Spending time outside in nature:

Summer in the Greek Islands is the perfect environment for outdoor living.

I taught morning yoga on the terrace, ate my meals outside and saw the sun setting, almost every day.

Whenever I could, I took the opportunity to walk on the sandy beach, swim in the warm Aegean sea and relax on a deck chair in one of my favourite beach bars.

The air temperature at night was ideal with just the right amount of gentle breeze for dining outside.

5. Seeing people transform:

It was wonderful to see healing happen in my gentle yoga classes and in my 'Breakthrough Healing Sessions'.

Something magical happens on retreats.  It lights me up to witness people have the courage to listen to their hearts and go after their dreams.

6. Friendships:

I had the pleasure of spending time with old friends over the summer as well as creating some lovely new friendships as well.

And now on to my next adventure…

Life is an ever unfolding adventure and as one door closes another opens.

We have just arrived in Ubud, Bali where we will be spending the next couple of months.

At present Bali has an eruption warning on its Mt Agung volcano.

The last time it erupted was in 1963 and there was over a year of rumbling beforehand.

We are a safe distance away from the volcano and pray that the danger passes swiftly.

Please hold a thought in your heart for the people of Bali particularly for the villagers whose lives have already been affected through precautionary evacuations…

So how was your summer? Did you visit somewhere special?

I'd love to hear in the comments below...


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Katrina Love Senn

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