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As a yoga teacher, I feel very blessed to have spent much of the past 5 years teaching yoga retreats all over the world.  I have to confess that running these week-long ‘Yoga and Healing Retreat', is one of my all-time favorite things to do.

Today, whether you are new to yoga, or been doing yoga for a while, if you like practicing yoga and travelling to new countries, then I highly recommend a yoga retreat as your next potential holiday option.

Yoga retreats are perfect for people who are looking to grow, heal or transform their life in some way. There is something quite magical that happens when you are doing yoga regularly, in the company of other like-minded people, whilst being held in a supportive and loving environment.

Here are 3 reasons why I would recommend you consider a yoga retreat for your next holiday.

1. A yoga retreat is a wonderful holiday.

If you choose to go on a yoga retreat you will have a lovely, relaxing holiday.

On my yoga retreats, we begin the day with our yoga practice and as a result, start the day by breathing, moving and feeling terrific. 

“Thank-you so so much for the holiday.  I really, really enjoyed it.” (Yoga student)

On a yoga retreat all your meals are lovingly prepared for you. Cleaning is done while you chill out in a hammock or while away the hours sitting by the pool, enjoying the sun and the shade.

On a yoga retreat, you will have the chance to practice yoga regularly. As your yoga teacher, I will be challenging you to take the distinctions and insights you gain from yoga and apply them into your life.

“And of course, thank you dear Katrina for bringing yoga to the fore again in my life (and the chats).” (Yoga student)

2. A yoga retreat supports healing.

Often, in the busy-ness of our day-to-day lives, you may find yourself stressed, and in need of relaxation and space. On a yoga retreat, you can do exactly what you fancy, whenever you like. Give yourself the gift of being, so that you can allow yourself to become present to the beauty of life.

“I miss my yurt! And yoga, and the pool, and Dodger, and brushing my teeth under the stars and...” (Yoga student)

Transformation and healing happens naturally when you let go of expectations (yours and others) and just melt into the beauty of nature and being in sacred space.

Being in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and supportive people, you will feel safe. In this space of safety, you can fully relax. On my retreats, I encourage people to just “be themselves” and let healing happen naturally.

“My physio was so impressed with the improvement in my leg/back that she says she's going to recommend a yoga holiday to all her clients!!” (Yoga student)

Mental and emotional healing is supported and the gentle yoga practice enables internal shifts to take place, facilitating deep levels of healing.

“…Oh btw, the day I picked up the Kitten, (the day after our yoga retreat finished) and that night and ever since then, I haven't had any face/ear/jaw pain... SO strange, it went as mysteriously as it came…” (Yoga student)

3. A yoga retreat will re-inspire you!

When you spend your time thinking about and doing things that bring you joy, you will feel reinvigorated and inspired about taking the next step in your life. 

Health and happiness are natural by-products of living life aligned with your passions and values.

On a yoga retreat, you will have the opportunity to connect to your yoga practice. Being connected to your body and your breath, allows you to find your true self.

This opens up your creative energy and allows it to flow easily and effortlessly. As this happens, you will naturally feel uplifted and inspired…

“..lots of lovely memories, and I was determined to keep up with the Morning Pages and the yoga and have to report that apart from the weekend I did manage the writing (recommend the habit with a cup of tea in bed!) and also morning yoga before breakfast.”  (Yoga student)

Transform your life on a yoga retreat!

A yoga retreat can help you to connect with the motivation, inspiration and support to help you start (or continue) a regular yoga practice, as well as getting started on living your dreams.

So, if you are looking for something different for your next holiday, I highly recommend that you consider a yoga retreat. This is one kind of holiday that offers a real break, with the added advantage of inspiring new and healthy habits.

For your next holiday, I recommend you book a yoga retreat. Go by yourself (or bring a partner or yogi friend) and I am sure you will have the holiday of a life-time! I'll leave you with the words of a yoga student of mine from my Turkey...

“..it was truly WONDERFUL! Go next time... everyone! xxx" (Yoga student)

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


Photo below: 'Yoga & Healing' Retreat at Huzur Vadisi, Turkey, September 2012.


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Katrina Love Senn

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer. I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

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