Losing Weight is a Healing Journey

Today, I'm so excited to share my brand new book trailer for, 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A Woman's Guide to Losing Weight Naturally' with you.

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To download the first chapter of the book free click here>>>

Here's a few recent quotes about the book from Amazon readers...


I couldn't put this book down as it completely enthralled me that someone else was experiencing exactly what I am. Thank you for the kind and generous way you approach this subject ... from a place of loving-kindness and not judgement. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted and my outlook on life has changed..." ~ Caryn B ~


I really connected to so many things in this book. Katrina has a way of inspiring love for yourself and creating possibilities through that love which may have completely escaped you before. I think this book is great for anyone who is struggling with weight loss, and also for anyone struggling with low self esteem. A great read, truly inspiring! ~ Kari B ~


What a wonderful, healing, and inspirational book!!! For any female who has struggled with weight loss via conventional means (e.g., restrictive dieting, punishing exercise, and guilt upon guilt trip over consistently failing to get weight off and keep it off, etc.) this book is an absolute treasure. Whether you are 18 or 81, if weight is an issue for you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! .... ~ Esther B ~


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LWHJ book coverI wrote 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey' to let women all around the world know that they can lose weight without dieting, drugs or deprivation.

It is my dream to help co-create and live in a world where women are encouraged to love, honour and nurture their bodies.

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Katrina Love Senn xo


Ps. You can download the first chapter of the book free by clicking the link below...

To download the first chapter of the book free click here>>>

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Katrina Love Senn

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer. I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

I am the author of two ground breaking books Losing Weight is A Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

I am also the creator of Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss and Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating.

Weight Loss Retreat Bali

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Yes! You Can Lose Weight Naturally.

 Are you ready to lose weight naturally without dieting, deprivation or drugs? This book will show you how...

In a world full of junk food, fad diets, misinformation and toxic medication, Katrina’s approach to weight loss is refreshingly simple and easy to follow.

Katrina has walked the walk. She was sick, tired and more than 60lbs overweight when she had a complete body breakdown.

This experience set her on a journey that transformed her health and her weight forever.

Whether you have a little weight to lose or a lot, this book will show you how to connect with your own healing abilities.

It will help you to release weight easily and effortlessly so that you can live the life of your dreams.

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Meditate and Lose Weight.

I have just created an amazing 7 day guided meditation program called 'Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss'.

It is a revolutionary new way to help you lose weight naturally and keep it off for good.

Can you imagine how good it would feel to lose weight easily and effortlessly?  Without counting calories, 'sweating it out in the gym' or attending embarassing weight loss meetings?

And how about waking each day feeling healthy, vibrant and full of energy?

What new and exciting things would become possible for your life?


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