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Have you been wondering about how to experience more health and energy in your life?  If this is the year you have truly committed to living an inspiring life you love, I would like to congratulate you.  Doing something different takes courage and commitment.

To help you on your journey, I would like to share 3 tips with you that helped me to radically transform my health.

In the process I managed to heal a number of chronic conditions that I was experiencing as well as lose over 60 pounds in the process.

Tip # 1: Take a Holistic Approach to Your Health Goals

Everything in our natural environment is connected.

For a seed to grow it needs favourable weather conditions, water and nutrient rich soil. Without these present, it may be difficult, if not impossible for a small plant to grow into a strong, healthy tree.

So it is with your health. When all the different parts of you feel nourished and nurtured, life takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes infused with optimism, happiness and joy.

When thinking about your health goals for the year, take some time to consider the different areas of your life. Are you fulfilled in your work? Are you happy with your family life and intimate relationships? Are you feeling creatively self expressed?

If you are feeling either bored or stressed in any area of your life, it is likely that this will be having an adverse affect on your health and energy levels.

Learning what deeply nourishes your body, mind and soul is an important part of this process.  Often craving and emotional eating happens when people feel bored or unfulfilled in their lives.

Pay attention to your current life challenges.  What are they trying to teach you and how are they impacting upon your health?

Tip # 2: Reconnect your Body and Mind

You become very powerful when your body and mind are working together in harmony. With their combined strength, they can support you in easily achieving your health goals.

Ghandi said it best when he remarked “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Learning how to reconnect your body and mind is a practice that is certainly well worth mastering.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to achieve your health goals is to start with walking. Walking is a powerful but gentle way to encourage your body and mind to start communicating with each other.

Another simple but powerful way to achieve your health goals is to begin a regular yoga practice. Yoga is an effective way to start moving your body and connecting with your mind. Doing yoga allows you to disengage from the “busy-ness of your life.”  From this place of inner stillness you can really enjoy the feeling of your body and mind working together in union.

Gentle healing therapies and techniques can also offer powerful ways to encourage your body and mind to begin communicating to each other.

When I work with people to achieve their health goals, one of the first things I recommend is to have a “Breakthrough Healing” session with me.  This is my own blend of gentle and intuitive healing techniques, which may include a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and body work.

Taking the time to reconnect your body and mind will help you to take massive steps towards your health goals.

Tip # 3: Surround yourself with inspiration and support

To succeed in achieving your health goals, it is important that you surround yourself with people and situations that support you.
To find an inspirational and supportive environment for yourself, ask yourself empowering questions such as: What are my passions?  What are my values?  What inspires me?

When you become more aware of what inspires and motivates you then you can begin to work out how you can spend more of your time doing these things.  The more time you spend being surrounded by interesting people that can support you in following your dreams, the more health and enjoyment you will experience in your life.  

Feeling both inspired and supported will keep you on track to achieving your health goals.  For some people, this may mean reading inspiring books, listening to uplifting music, going to workshops or learning a new skill.  For others, this may mean switching jobs, travelling or starting a new hobby or creative project.

Working with the support of someone who has already walked the journey before, will enable you to stay motivated to ensure that you achieve your desired health goals.

You can achieve your health goals.

Creating vibrant health is not just about eating less and doing more, it is important that you also address and heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

It is possible for you to change your body and achieve your health goals.  When you take a holistic approach, reconnect your body-mind and surround yourself with the right inspiration and support, you will put yourself on the fast track to successfully achieving your health goals.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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Katrina Love Senn

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer. I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

I am the author of two ground breaking books Losing Weight is A Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

I am also the creator of Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss and Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating.

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This experience set her on a journey that transformed her health and her weight forever.

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