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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream....”

- C.S. Lewis


2018 is practically finished… And, 2019 is almost here.

Many people can mistakenly bring their old outdated thoughts and limiting patterns with them into the New Year.

But, with awareness, you don’t have to do this!

Here are 18 things that might be currently limiting you, that you can choose to leave behind you in 2018.

When you do this, you begin to create space for new intentions and an amazing 2019…

1. People pleasing

Are you sick of giving too much? Do you always try to make other people feel better at the expense of yourself?

Do you worry that if you were to start saying no, that they might not like you?

This is the time to look after yourself and make 2019 the year that you finally learn how to put yourself first.

2. Punishing yourself

Have you been punishing yourself? Do you find yourself not doing what you really want to do?

Or, do you find yourself procrastinating on things? Even the things that make you feel good such as starting a yoga practice?

There’s no need to keep doing this any longer. You can release punishment programs and open to self-care instead.

3. Not feeling deserving or worthy

Have you been feeling unworthy or not deserving? It’s important to know that you are just as worthy and deserving as anyone else.

Let’s celebrate your self worth! Make 2019 the year that you give yourself permission to engage in some self love.

What body-loving practices and soul-nourishing activities make you feel good? Bring them into your New Year!

4. Creative blockages

It’s not only writers that struggle with writer’s block.

When your 5th chakra (your throat chakra) gets blocked, all forms of self-expression can become stuck and blocked. This can affect your confidence levels, as well as your ability to speak up for yourself. You can also be left doubting yourself. Or, having trouble expressing your needs. It might leave you feeling frustrated or unable to speak your truth.

Begin to move your creative energy in 2019 by inviting in emotional flow. You can do this by acknowledging the shadow aspects of yourself.

Emotions that can be commonly suppressed are shame, guilt and fear. When these emotions are fully acknowledged and accepted, these emotions can start flowing once again.

5. Critical self-talk

Let 2019 be the year that you change your relationship with your self-talk. This inner dialogue is an internal conversation that you have with yourself inside your own head.

Life is too short to be cruel and unkind to yourself. Let go of your inner critic and learn how to make friends with it instead.

6. Harsh self-judgment

Any form of self-judgment always makes us feel bad. How does your inner judge speak to you? Maybe some of the following feel familiar to you?

“I feel too fat.”

“I’m too short.”

“I’m too tall.”

“I’m too old”

“It’s too late”

It is important for you to know that none of these thoughts are true.

Decide to claim back your power in 2019. Release these old, judgmental thoughts in the past, right where they belong!

7. Feeling hurt from other people’s criticism

Nobody can make you feel anything - bad, sad or angry.

Whatever other people say to you, always let their opinions wash off you like water off a duck’s back!

Remember that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else says about you. What really matters is what you think. And whilst you cannot control what someone else says or does, you do have complete control over how you let it affect you.

Whatever anyone says to you, just know that you can always smile and say, “Thank you for sharing your opinion with me”.

8. Apologising unnecessarily

Are you someone who apologises constantly, for everything, about anything?

If so, I encourage you to stop it in 2019!

Instead of saying “Sorry….” try saying, “Thank you….”

For example, instead of saying “Sorry, I’m so late” try saying, “Thank you so much for waiting for me.”

9. Feeling indecisive

Have you been procrastinating on making a big or small decision? Would you love to release this pattern of indecision?

Making good choices in a timely fashion will help you to feel empowered and powerful.

10. Eating fake foods

Eating fake foods creates fake energy. This results in stealing your life force vitality over the long-term.

There are so many different kinds of delicious, healthy foods that there really is no need to ever eat fake foods.

Instead choose to eat real foods. These are foods grown in nature that your body can easily recognize, digest and assimilate.

11. Chaotic mornings

Do you find that your mornings don’t run as smoothly as you would like?

One way to change this is to create your own morning routines.

Search online. There you will find lots of helpful articles that can help you to set up morning routines that will work well for you. Try this article, or this, or this one. You know you have good routines in place when you feel set up and organized for the day ahead.

12. Clutter in your life

Clutter is anything that you do not love or use. It can also refer to excess things in your life, or too many items placed into a space that is too small for them.

Common clutter areas can be wardrobes, shoe cupboards, cupboards with plastic bags, fridges, purses and handbags, cleaning products and desks.

Take some time to notice where your clutter lives.

Then block out some time to clear it away, so that you can feel spacious and ready to welcome in a wonderful 2019!

To get started, simply become aware of where your clutter lives.

Gather up anything, like old paperwork. Look for old study notes, bills, envelopes, mail, circulars, newspapers, cards, piles of receipts or magazines.

Rip them up and throw them out. Or if you are like me, make yourself a big cup of herbal tea and spend some time shredding old papers in a paper shredder (It’s so much fun!)

As you do so, it’s nice to play nice music and repeatedly say an affirmation to yourself. One of my favorite affirmations is, “I am releasing my past with love and gratitude”.

13. Release Stress

It is a well-known fact that stress causes 95% of all illnesses today. However, there are many natural ways to counter-balance stress.

In 2019, consider learning breath work through singing, yoga or meditation.

Gentle movement is another lovely way to reduce stressful thoughts and emotions including fear, guilt and anxiety.

Notice what it is it that specifically triggers your feelings of stress. Remind yourself that the obstacle is the way. Gently lean into it and allow it to dissolve of it’s own accord, once the lessons and gifts have been integrated.

14. Feeling disconnected

Have you been feeling disconnected from yourself? Or, your dreams? Or, your intuition?

If so, this New Year is the time to make yourself and your own self-care rituals your top priority. The good news is that they don’t have to take very long at all.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways that you can start to feel connected back to yourself right away.

Every day, look in the mirror and say kind things to yourself when you brush your teeth. Send love and appreciation to your body as you stand in a line or are waiting for someone. And, finally, take a few minutes to meditate or pray when you wake up (and right when you go to bed, before you fall sleep)

15. Artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners

We know that the white refined sugar isn’t good for us. But, what is even worse for our health and wellbeing is artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners.

On my healing journey, I learnt how artificial sweeteners and E-numbers negatively impacted my body.

In 2019, substitute out fake flavours for healthier, more natural options.

16. The pressure of trying to fit in

Why would you try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Trying to fit in was so 2018… But, the in-thing for 2019 is to be true to yourself!

You are not a shrinking violet. So, don’t shrink yourself down to fit in.

Be the amazing, bright light that you are. Let yourself shine brightly in your own unique way.

17. Mindless scrolling on the internet

Did you know that the average amount of time an adult spends on their phones is 4 hours a day?

Much of this is mindless scrolling on facebook, instagram or twitter. One way you can reclaim more time in your day is to reduce the time on your phone, or just use it in a conscious way.

18. Saying the phrase “I can’t…"

In this New Year, instead of saying “I can’t…” what other words could you use to replace this phrase?

When you say the words “I can’t…” it’s very disempowering. These words send a disempowering message to your unconscious mind.

If your mind accepts this as the truth this will naturally suppress your internal resources.

Perhaps, experiment with using the words, “I can…” or “I am…..” or “Maybe, I could…”

And now, it's over to you!

What would you like to release in 2018?

Please do leave me a comment below and let me know...

I really look forward to hearing from you!

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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