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Last Sunday I was chatting to a friend of mine, who was feeling an intuitive desire to make some changes in her life.

She found herself going backwards and forwards, questioning what she really wanted. This only left her spinning in circles, feeling even more confused...

She shared with me that when she had moved to her current house, with her husband and children, it was never meant to be a permanent move.  But, now, after 25 years of being in the one place, (and her children fully grown) her creative spirit was yearning for something new...

Are you ready to create something new?

In 2002 I saw a poster for an Art & Creativity School which totally captivated my heart and imagination. I knew that I wanted to go but I had so many excuses. It wasn’t until 3 years later, in January 2005 that I plucked up the courage to enroll in this course. And, boy, was I scared!

I had never studied Art before and I was feeling tormented by feelings of self-doubt and fear. After sending off my application form, I remember breaking out in a cold sweat, my heart was beating wildly and I wretchedly wondered “Oh my gosh, what have I done?”

Looking back on my decision to go to Art school, I can tell you that this was possibly one of the most pivotal moments in my life. It helped me to start expressing my true self and has provided the foundations and courage for how I live my life today.

Discover what you are capable of…

Chances are that you won’t magically bump into the life of your dreams by travelling down the well worn path of your comfort zone.  To live your dream life you need to start taking risks so you can discover what you are truly capable of.
Here are 5 ideas that can help you to start building your ‘risk taking muscles’ so you can move forward with confidence and strength.

1. Learn to listen and trust your intuition. 

Each one of us has an in built guidance system called our intuition.  The challenge that most of us encounter is dealing with the habitual pattern of over-riding it.

A great way to start developing your intuition is by turning up the volume on your internal voice and turning down the volume on the external voices.  The advice offered by friends, colleagues and family although often well intentioned, can take you in the wrong direction if it is not consistent with how you want to live your life.  

What messages has your intuition been sending you?  Have you been paying attention? 

2. Ask deeper, more specific questions.

When I asked my friend about what was the next step, she replied that she “honestly had no idea”.  I then asked her to answer the following questions in her mind.  “Do you want to stay in your current house? Do you want to stay in your current neighbourhood? Do you want to stay in your current country?” When I asked the questions in this way she told me that that she had immediate answers come to her.

What deeper questions could you ask yourself today?  Do you have a friend or a coach that can help you to ask these questions?

3. Start with taking small risks.

The best way to start to develop your risk taking muscles is by taking ‘small risks’.  Could you say hello to a complete stranger?  Could you try on that new outfit you’ve had your eye on? Could you put a small deposit down on the course you’ve always wanted to attend?  

One of the best ways to break the hypnotic spell of fear is to by taking small risks today.  By starting small, it will help you build the confidence to take bigger risks later on.

4. Keep a journal.

As you move through this process you may find it useful to keep a journal. Taking your thoughts from inside your head on to the page can help you to see things in a totally different way. Something quite magical happens when you see things written on paper and it can also help to make your next step obvious.

You can use your journal for deeper self-enquiry. I like to write questions and journal my intuitive responses. For example, after taking a small risk, try asking yourself, “What did I learn from doing this?”

5. Make your dreams bigger than your fears!

Whenever you contemplate doing something new or different, it is natural to feel some kind of fear response or resistance.  We all experience fear as it’s a very natural part of being human.  The important thing is what you choose to do in response to that fear.

Take some time to acknowledge your fears.  Name them by saying “I acknowledge that I feel fearful about … “.  Once you have acknowledged your fears, take some time to acknowledge the power of your dreams.  

You can build your ‘Risk-Taking Muscles’!

Your ‘Risk-Taking Muscles’ are just like your physical muscles. The more that you work them, the easier it will be to build and develop them.

Use your intuition to inform you what you want and give yourself permission to move beyond fear and your comfort zone. Ask yourself specific questions, journal regularly and start expressing your true self.

When you start by taking small risks in your life, you build a solid foundation to start living the life of your dreams.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo



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Katrina Love Senn

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