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Travelling by myself has given me an abundance of gifts: I truly believe that the reason I am able to live the life that I do today, is because of my previous travel experiences.

Travelling has had such a positive impact on my life that this article is dedicated to inspiring you to travel and also to share some good reasons to experience travelling solo.

While it is always great to travel with good friends and loved ones, there are also many benefits of taking some time out to explore the world on your own.  Whatever age you are and whether you are in a relationship or not, in this article I share some of the benefits you can gain from exploring somewhere new by yourself.

1. Travelling by yourself helps clarify your values.

Many people live a frustrating life because they are living out the values of other people. Traveling by yourself is a tool that can help you to figure out what your values are so that you can live a life aligned with who you really are.  

When you travel by yourself, you have the opportunity to leave your world and life behind for a while. In a new country; the changing scenery, the different climate, the new smells and sounds create immediate space between you and life ‘as you know it’.  

When you travel by yourself, this is your chance to experience life on your own terms. It is up to you to choose how you spend your time and with whom. You get to decide at what time you wake up, what you eat, where you stay, what you wear, what you buy, what types of people you talk to and what you do with your time.

When you make these choices with awareness, they will give you a stronger sense of who you are, as well as what your preferences and values are.

To give you an example, right now I am on Khao San Road in Thailand. All around me are many different types of travellers; some drinking beer, some sitting and smoking, some walking around with backpacks, some playing music, some sitting down partying in bars.

But, I don’t feel drawn to doing any of these things. I check inside and ask myself:  “What do I want to do?”

Within me, I feel a desire to get away from it all. I notice that I am thinking, ‘Is there a local yoga studio around here?’ ‘Are there any healers based in this area?’ ‘Can I find a stylish café to tuck myself away and write?’

Eventually, after some exploration of the street, I find a small café, tucked far away, back from the street.  Upon closer inspection I see that this is also a small, independent art gallery, showcasing the work of local artists. It is a off the beaten track; stylish, sparkling clean, with a splash of luxury. The menu is cute: hand-written with fine-lined, ink drawn pictures on beautiful, textured white paper. The cafe serves an array of healthy food.

It is probably a bit more upmarket than nearby cafes but this is the perfect place to stop, sit down and write. Charming, friendly and just perfect for me in this moment. Reflecting on this experience illuminates very quickly what my values are.

2. Travelling by yourself helps you to grow.

How you were raised and bought up by your family and society forms your beliefs about life, as well as what you consider to be normal.

In psychology, this is a process called ‘Conditioning’.  Conditioning comes from your parents, your family, as well as the expectations of the society that you grew up in. This includes the systems and rules you grew up with including expectations, languages spoken, education, legal, government, media and news.

It is your early-life conditioning that has the ability to shape and affect your beliefs about life. For most people their childhood conditioning is unconscious; for most people ‘it’s just how life is and what they consider normal in life’.

Travelling by yourself lets you become more conscious of your own conditioning. With consciousness and awareness of this, you are in a position to question and release that which is old or outdated for you.

Travel enables you to experience different thoughts and things.  Travelling by yourself is one way to gently but powerfully examine your past conditioning.

Let travelling by yourself be an opportunity to question any of your limiting  beliefs about life so that you can expand your perspective of the world.

As your understanding of the world grows you give yourself permission to be the person your heart is calling you to be.

3. Travelling alone strengthens your intuition.

Think of your intuition like a muscle; the more that you use it, the stronger it becomes. Your intuition is that quiet voice that lives within and guides you towards your dreams (your intuition can also be called your gut feeling).

Travelling alone allows you the chance to let go of your fears, so that you can hear the murmurings of your heart. Your intuition will constantly be calling you to express your gifts so that you can be true to yourself and live your dreams.

When you are travelling alone you can use your intuition to help you to make choices that are right for you in your life.

Trusting your intuition will allow you to make choices for yourself that will give you wonderful memories and positive travelling experiences.  The more that you trust and use your intuition, the more enriching your travelling experiences will be.  

Intuitive information can guide you to whom you should surround yourself with, as well as what types of environments you should put yourself in. When you support yourself in this way, you can create magical opportunities for your life, both as you travel and explore new countries and in your life at home.

Let your intuition guide you to finding your inner strength so that you have the courage to express your true self. This will enable you to make new and more empowering choices for yourself, wherever you find yourself in the world.

Connecting to your intuition will help you to live a life that you truly love.

Give yourself the gift of experiencing the magic of travelling on your own.

I highly recommend that you make the decision to book a trip away by yourself. Give yourself the gift of experiencing the personal growth and magic that comes from travelling by yourself in a new country.

Travelling by yourself is one of the golden keys that can literally and figuratively help you to grow into being the person that you are here to be and live the life that you dream of.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

Ps - It is only fair that I write a disclaimer for this article: Today, I am someone who would call themselves an explorer and an adventurer who loves to travel.  It was not always this way though. Born in New Zealand, I was 16 years old before I had the chance to even go overseas. Today, I feel very lucky to have been born in New Zealand and to have the chance to live in a vibrant and creative English seaside town. I have had the opportunity to live and work in 5 countries  (and counting) around the world.

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