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How does the issue of trust show up in your life?

Do you trust the Universe?

Do you trust others? Do others trust you?

In this article we are going to look at how trust plays out in your life, and how becoming aware of the powerful affects that trust has in our lives...

Have a think about this...

  • Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you worry about the future?
  • Do you harbour regrets?
  • Do you feel held back? Suffer from irrational fears?
  • Do you wish that the past was different?
  • Do you repeatedly analyse things you did or didn’t say or do?
  • Do you suffer from feelings of jealousy?
  • Do you procrastinate or put off making decisions for fear of getting it wrong?

Well, if you said yes to any of the above questions, current findings from research show that you are not alone...

Dr Benedetto De Martino, a Sir Henry Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow and first author of the report, explains: "Imagine you're on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. You've just answered the £500,000 question correctly and have moved on to the final question. You're down to your 50:50 lifeline but don't know the answer. If you get it right, you'll win £1 million; if you get it wrong, you'll drop back to £32,000. The vast majority of people would take the 'loss averse option' and walk away with £500,000."

Over the past 4 years of working with hundreds of people individually & in workshop situations, one of the biggest obstacles to transformation and living an inspired life is TRUST.

Why is developing a sense of trust in ourselves important?

I believe that trust is the key to transformation and living a powerful, empowered and inspired life.

Trust Enables Us to Go Beyond Our Comfort Zones.

When we trust ourselves to step outside our comfort zones, and what we already know, we can take the risks required for growth and expansion in our lives.

We may feel fear within us (this never goes away – so stop expecting it too!), but we have the courage to take risks, to get things wrong, and ultimately this is the key to our continuing growth.

Trust Gives Us Back Our Life and Life Force Energy.

When we live in trust, we don’t waste any of our precious life force energy worrying about the past or the future. We can live from a place of belief that everything will be okay and this trust radiates into the world.

We can take responsibility for how we respond to things that show up in our lives, and live from a place of inner power and strength to live a full and powerful life. We no longer play the card of victim or blame.

We make choices that are right for us, that are aligned with our hearts, our souls and our dreams. We are all individuals. Each one of us is unique. When we live from our own truth whatever happens we can feel good, knowing that the best decision was made, with the available information at the time.

We radiate this trust and send it into the world. From this place of inner power, we are able to magnetise situations that further enhance our ability to keep trusting in life.

But, when we don’t live in trust, we hold ourselves back. We may feel fearful. We live in fear, held in the vice grip of fear, and afraid of life. In fact, many of us are so afraid of dying that we hold ourselves back from living. If we live from a place of self doubt and uncertainty this fear radiates into the world.

It's a Catch 22.

The more we trust, the more we get to trust. The less we trust the more situations show up in our lives where we doubt and question trust in all things, including ourselves.

It’s important to know that neither option is right or wrong.... that’s like asking if a cup is half full or half empty, and arguably both are right. The key I find is to find out which one is most USEFUL, and most HELPFUL.

When we learn how to develop that trust in ourselves, our connection to our intuitive urges and intuition improves, as does our trust that life will be okay whatever happens. It is the ego that wants to judge, ‘this as good, this is bad.’ When we move from the ego into a balance between the heart and the mind, we move from judgment and fear into trust and love.

For me, the reason to address and heal old issues around trust is to improve our quality of life. Trust enables us to feel more powerful, more confident, more self assured and to increase our life force energy in our lives and in our bodies. As we boost our Energy levels, life opens up like a beautiful bud blossoming into a radiant flower bursting with colour and life.

As we learn how to trust in life, everything transforms...

Old energy starts to flow; unexpected friendships, opportunities, synchronicities and connections, like magic, are bestowed abundantly and richly upon us... When we develop that sense of inner trust in our lives, we feel good and we radiate happiness from the inside out.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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