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“Both the Winter and the Summer Solstices are expressions of love. They show us the opposition of light and dark, expansion and contraction, that characterize our experiences in the Earth school so that we can recognize our options as we move through our lives...”    

- Gary Zukav

Did you know that apart from the well-known celebrations of Christmas and New Years, December has another special day that is worthy of your attention?

It’s called the ‘Solstice’ and it’s happening this Friday the 21st December (It’s just a few days before Christmas!).

The special energies around the Solstice make it a powerful time for looking inwards, healing and transformation.

The word ‘Solstice’ originates from Latin and literally means the 'stopping' or standing still of the sun.

This special day has been celebrated in cultures the world over for thousands of years.

If you live in the Northern hemisphere it will be the shortest day of your year and your longest night. The Solstice marks the beginning of the Winter.

If you live in the Southern hemisphere it will be the longest day of your year and your shortest night. The Solstice marks the beginning of the Summer.

It is celebrated in many different ways, but is usually associated with some type of ritual or festival.

You can connect to the magic of the Solstice by having your own special ritual to mark this significant day.

It is a fun and powerful way to connect back to yourself (and your dreams for 2019)!

You can mark the Solstice on your own or invite along your partner or friends who share your interest in personal development, growth and healing.

How to Celebrate the Solstice with Meditation.

Choose a time on Friday 21st December when you know you will not be disturbed. It can be morning, evening or daytime. Or, even, in the weekend.

Schedule approximately 20-30 minutes for your meditation.

Bring candles, matches, fresh flowers, journal, paper, pens, crystals, special and or sacred objects. As an additional option, some dried sage.

To prepare the space for your solstice meditation, first cleanse the room by burning the Sage. This will help you to move energy in the room as well as your own energy.

Given that the Solstice is a celebration of light, gather one, or as many candles as you can find! Light them and arrange them decoratively in a way that is pleasing for you.

Set up your flowers, crystals and any other special or sacred objects that you have with you.

Sit cross-legged on your yoga mat or sit down on a chair.

Settle into a comfortable meditation position and let your eyes softly rest on a flame in front of you. Or, if you prefer, close your eyes completely.

Let your whole body soften and relax.

Bring your attention to your breath for 5 minutes. Focus on following the movement of your breath: your inhalations and your exhalations.

Once you are feeling relaxed, now the time is yours to use as you like…

I like to work through the following themes in my meditations but let your intuition guide you as to what is right for you.

Allow 5-10 minutes for each part of your meditation…

  • Set an intention for your Solstice meditation - Always set your intention in the positive. It can be a quality or a theme that feels meaningful for you.
  • Let go of what is ready to release - Release any pressures and stress that you might be holding on to. Be like a tree and let all your leaves fall. Let them be like fertilizer for your future. Allow yourself to let go fully and completely.
  • Open yourself to new beginnings – As you release allow yourself to feel open, expansive and ready to receive. Open your heart and your mind. See new beginnings emerge for this upcoming Winter season.
  • Give thanks and express your gratitude - As you release what you no longer need, give yourself permission to receive the gifts and blessings in your life.

And now, it's over to you!

What special things are you going to do to mark the Solstice Celebrations?

How are you going to invoke the powerful healing energies of the Solstice this year?

Please do leave me a comment below and let me know...

I really look forward to hearing from you!

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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