Breakthough Healing Session with Katrina Love SennDuration: 90 minutes via Skype

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Description: Book your Private Closing Ceremony today! This session is perfect for anyone who would like to powerfully release  2018. Start 2019 feeling more confident, creative, healthier and happier.

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What is a Private Closing Ceremony?

A Private Closing Ceremony is a 90 minute skype session with Katrina Love Senn.

Most people never have the chance to complete on their year...

However in December, there are very real benefits that can be gained from consciously releasing each year as it ends.

A Private Closing Ceremony is perfect for you if you feel:

• The urge to do something different but don’t know where to start…
• Ready to prioritise your health but feel held back by your old habits…
• Stuck in a relationship that is no longer serving you…
• Unrecognised for your gifts and talents no matter how hard you try…
• Trapped in a meaningless job that doesn’t feed your soul…
• Creatively inspired yet full of resistance and procrastination…
• Inspired to travel but never get around to booking your ticket…

A Private Closing Ceremony will help you to release the year and complete 2018 on a high note.

How does a Private Closing Ceremony for 2018 work?

Once you book your Private Closing Ceremony,  Katrina will contact you within 24 hours to confirm a mutually suitable day, date and time for your skype session.

You will be invited to bring two candles to your Private Closing Ceremony session. You are also welcome to bring any other special or sacred items with you. 

Previous clients have brought along their favourite crystals, flowers, a journal, wisdom cards, photos and/or other objects of significance.

Throughout your Private Closing Ceremony session you will be sitting down relaxed and comfortable.

Katrina will lead you through a meditation designed to bring your 2018 into full focus.

She will guide you through your year, so you can witness the challenges, integrate the lessons and receive the gifts from the year.

During your Private Closing Ceremony session, Katrina will use a selection of intuitive and energetic healing tools to help you leave behind all the things that you wish to release from 2018.

Including difficult situations, toxic people, painful experiences and any limiting patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated.

Finally, Katrina will wrap up your Private Closing Ceremony with a special Intention Setting Process for 2019.

The Private Closing Ceremony is perfect for you if you are ready to release and clear away 2018, so that you can create an amazing 2019.

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With so much Love.

From my heart to yours,

Katrina Love Senn xo

Katrina Love Senn

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