vip bronzeDuration: 3 x 90 minutes Breakthrough Sessions, via Skype (to be used within 1 month).

Investment: $997

Description: The VIP Bronze Package offers 3 x Breakthrough Sessions over Skype and includes email support in-between Sessions.

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About the VIP Bronze Package.

The VIP Bronze Coaching & Healing Support Package consists of 3 x Breakthrough Sessions via Skype, over a month. Each 90 minute Healing Session is unique and tailored to you.

It also includes email support throughout the month of your Skype Sessions.

Who is the VIP Bronze Package Suitable For?

The VIP Bronze Package certainly isn't for everyone.

It is most suitable for the woman who has an important decision to make in her life, so that she can create and live the life of her dreams.

Perhaps, you are...

  • Wanting to heal and release an old issue in your life that has been holding you back from living a life you love?
  • Feeling lost, uncertain, unsure or unclear about your next steps?
  • Feeling emotionally stuck, afraid and scared?
  • Ready to overcome an old fear so that you can courageously make an important decision?
  • Wanting to release unconscious stress, trauma or negative thoughts and emotions, so that you can finally move forward?

If you know that this is the year to finally release your past limitations and step into your power, then book your Bronze Package below.

How does the VIP Bronze Sessions work?

The VIP Bronze Sessions start with gentle breathing exercises and a meditation to bring you into the present moment, connecting you to your intution and your inner body wisdom. It is from this calm and centred space that you will set an intention for your Session.

Katrina works intuitively to help you release any emotional fears, blocks or limitations that are standing in your path, using a wide variety of energetic and mindbody healing tools to gently release and clear away old patterns.

In the VIP Bronze Sessions, Katrina will support, inspire and encourage you to release, heal and clear away old patterns so that you can easily take action to go after your dreams.

Why book the VIP Bronze Package with Katrina?

"Pain is your personal invitation to start healing. Let's work together and make this your BEST year ever!" - Katrina Love Senn

Katrina lives and breathes healing and transformation. Everything she speaks about and shares comes from her own direct experience and having worked with thousands of women all over the world.

Katrina healed her own body of chronic disease, weight loss and emotional eating for good. She lost over 60 pounds naturally and has kept it off for over 15 years now. She shares her weight loss healing story, along with her gentle, holistic healing approach in her Amazon Best-selling book called, 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A Woman's Guide to Losing Weight Naturally'.

After Katrina graduated from University with her Marketing (hons) degree, she quickly discovered that she did not enjoy working in a corporate marketing career. She felt trapped and stuck. With each passing day in her job, she felt like her 'her soul was dying a little more'.

After a deep process of self-enquiry, Katrina was able to successfully navigate her transition from leaving her prestigious marketing job at a multi-national company to launching a new career as as an international yoga teacher, healer and author.

Today, Katrina is the CEO of her own global digital business, KLS Global Ltd. And, the most enjoyable part of her work is to help other women (just like you!) have the courage to heal, transform, release and reshape what's not working in their lives, so that they can release suffering and create lives that they love.

Katrina works in a gentle, kind and loving way, that heals the root cause, creating sustainable, permanent transformation, that leaves you feeling lighter, freer and happier.

How do I book my VIP Bronze Package?

To book your VIP Bronze Package with Katrina, simply press the 'Buy Now' button below.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to manifest your dreams.

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VIP Bronze Package Testimonials...

Carrie Neads


All the Sessions that I had with Katrina were fun! She made me laugh a lot and I experienced positive effects after each session. As part of the VIP Bronze package, Katrina was on hand by email to support me between my sessions. Katrina takes notes as well as giving time during the sessions to allow the person to gain the answer within themselves. She didn't give all the answers but encouraged me to use my intuition and what I decided was right - for me, in my world, which I liked about working with Katrina.

Carrie N.


Estelle Keribin-Connolly


Today was a big day for me as I did my first relaxation and mindfulness class! Hee haa! I am so emotional and proud of myself for putting myself out there...thanks to you of course! I know I have a lot to learn still but I realise how much I have come along with your VIP Bronze Coaching and Healing Package and it fills my heart with gratitude: THANK YOU!!!

Estelle K.


Genesis Santiago


Thank you Katrina for the amazing work you've done to help others heal. I can't say it enough - your story, products and VIP Bronze Package are simply spot on tools, to what I feel are the keys to unlocking the power within me. Power waiting to burst out and change my life completely! Thanks so much for being courageous in your own life, and everything you've accomplished to help others do the same!!!

Genesis S.


Special Bonuses for the VIP Bronze Package

The Bronze Package comes with 5 special VIP client bonuses (Total value - $1,601)

Email Support via Evernote

Bonus #1: Email Support

You will have email access to Katrina in-between your Skype Sessions.

We will use Evernote to store all your coaching emails, notes, exercises, and breakthroughs.

Bonus Value: $997

Skype Call Recordings

Bonus #2: Skype Session Recording

Each of your Sessions will be recorded upon request.

They will be available for you to access within 48 hours of your Session.

Bonus Value: $497

 Healing Meditations for Natural Weightloss

Bonus #3: Healing Meditations for Natural Weightloss

You will receive a free copy of the 'Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss' Program through Katrina's Membership Site.

Bonus Value: $67

 Losing Weight is a Healing Journey

Bonus #4: Signed copy of 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey'

Katrina will personally sign, send and post you a copy of her book, 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A woman's guide to losing weight naturally'.

Shipping and handling is included.

Bonus Value: $25 (+ shipping costs)

 Katrina's Weightloss Recipes

Bonus #5: Katrina's Recipe eBook

You will receive a free copy of Katrina's Recipe eBook called, 'Katrina’s Weight Loss Recipe eBook - 44 Fast & Fabulous Vegetarian Recipes'

This is an instant download (digital copy) recipe eBook and will be available via Katrina's Membership site.

Bonus Value: $15



Book Your VIP Bronze Support Package Now...

 You can book your healing and support package with Katrina by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button below...

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With so much Love.

From my heart to yours,

Katrina Love Senn xo

Katrina Love Senn

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