Katrina Love Senn

To create a life that you love, it’s essential to take a holistic approach to how you are living it.

As you honour both your body and your mind, you can dramatically reduce your stress levels and radically increase your happiness!

Over the 5 days of this course, Katrina will guide you through the 3 different phases of The Healing Journey.

We will explore, address and release any pain, fear, blockages or stuck-ness that you might be experiencing in your life, using a wide range of gentle healing tools including:

•    Healing hatha yoga
•    Healing intentions
•    Healing affirmations
•    Healing meditations
•    Healing visualisations
•    Emotional healing techniques
•    Creative journaling and play.

You will have the week to breathe deeply, move gently and learn how to lovingly reconnect back to yourself and your own inner teacher (your intuition).

During the week you will also have the opportunity to slow down so that you can gain crystal clear clarity and awareness of the things that support you (as well as those that don’t).

You will leave the course feeling inspired, energized and physically, mentally and emotionally lighter.

You really can create a body and life that you truly love and this course will show you how!

Suitable for all levels.

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