Katrina Love Senn

I arranged my middle and index fingers into a peace sign and said, “Two freddo cappuccino, eff-ar-es-toe…

The waitress nodded, “Neh... Schweet?”

“Metrio” I replied.

Even after years of visiting this magical island, it was the best conversational Greek I could muster in the moment.

My husband and I sunk down into the cushioned outdoor sofa and looked out across the town square.  Also known as the ‘Plaka’ in Greek.

Less than 24 hours earlier we had been standing by the roadside in Cyprus.

It was in the middle of the day and the sun was blistering…

We had only just discovered that Uber didn’t have a presence in Nicosia.

My husband did the only gallant thing he could.  He took a step forward onto the empty street to try and flag down a cab…

As he did I moved our luggage into the shade to stop it from melting.

Our onward journey was not off to a good start...

Thankfully before too long, a dusty cab appeared on the side of the road, like a mirage.

We enthusiastically greeted the driver and piled our suitcases into the boot.

We were on our way!

The waitress interrupted my thoughts as she placed two iced coffees on the table with a slice of 'Revani' (a traditional greek coconut cake with syrup).

Taking in the vista I found it difficult to recall the rest of our journey to paradise.

The airport check-in desk, duty free shopping, cabin crew and even flying through the air like a bird, were all but distant memories…

I took a moment to admire the pink bougainvillea flowers that framed the terrace.  

As I did my husband pointed towards the ancient monastery dramatically perched in the cliff tops above the town.  

The Monastery of Agios Georgios (also known as The Holy Monastery of St. George) is believed to have been constructed in the middle of the 13th Century.  

It was a powerful reminder of the rich cultural history of the island and provided a stunning backdrop for our morning coffee.

He said “I’d almost forgotten how beautiful Skyros is…”

I smiled and replied, “It’s simply breathtaking…”

At that moment the summer breeze offered us a hint of Jasmine, one of my favourite fragrances…  

It appeared to be a welcome gift from the Island herself.

And a lovely reminder that we had indeed arrived…


The holiday season at Skyros Centre commences on Saturday 15th of July and runs until Saturday 16th of September.

I will be teaching a one-week course called ‘Love Your Body, Love Your Life’ from the 29th July-5th August at the Skyros Centre.

Also I will be teaching the morning yoga classes and offering massage and healing sessions throughout the season.

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