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I’m just on the verge of finishing my book - the name of the title is still to be decided. With the completion of my book, I can feel that something new is ready to emerge. Beautiful things are on the horizon. New openings... New ideas... New opportunities.... It’s all very exciting

Damien and I have just returned to the UK from 3 weeks in Italy as well as spending 5 months back home, in Australia and New Zealand. It's been very quiet on my blog, but now, I am in a special place of creating some space in my life for yoga, cooking, writing and connecting with you no matter in which country you are reading this. ;))

After spending the last 6 months in 6 different countries, I will be saying a fond farewell to my beloved suitcase, along with hefty airline fees for excess luggage. I will be trading my life on the road for a base. Even though I will still be travelling quite a bit, things will certainly be different. We are currently in the process of looking for our perfect house in England.

No matter what changes and transitions you are going through right now, remember that you can always use your yoga practice to ground your dreams into reality along with creating space in your body and your life. A lovely yoga pose that I enjoy which is great for opening and creating space in your life is Tadasana, or Mountain pose. Here's a step by step guide so you can try it at home for yourself.

With Love and many many blessings from my heart to yours, Namaste.


1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart on your yoga mat. Close your eyes gently. Relax your body, your face and your eyes.

2. Ground your feet into the Earth. Feel the connection of your feet on the ground. In your minds’ eye visualise energy moving up and down your body. Bring your attention to your arms and draw your hands back behind your shoulders, open your shoulders squeezing the shoulder blades together and palms facing out, spreading your fingers out wide. Breathe.

3. On your next inhalation draw energy all the way up from under the Earth and allow this energy to strengthen, energise and expand you.

4. On your next exhalation, as you exhale let go of any tension, stress or fear in your body. Just let it go out through your feet and release it on to your yoga mat. Know that this is a magical yoga mat, because like magic your mat can absorb all negativity, doubt, fear and any bad emotions you are holding on to. Release everything sending it down, down, down into the Earth.

5. As you inhale, draw new energy up from the Earth and let this energy wash over your whole body.

6. Exhale send the energy down your body.

7. Inhale, and this time as you inhale draw energy all the way up to the crown of your head and send it above you connecting you to the Intelligence of the Universe. Tune into this wisdom and draw it down into your body.

8. Repeat 5 times (or more if you like). Feel the feeling of expansion, relaxation and love simply washing over your whole body. Take your time. breathe deeply into life and en-joy the feeling of creating space and magical bliss all around you...

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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