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I just saw this cute video and it made me stop and think, what exactly is a Yoga Girl? Have you seen it? (I've included youtube video is at the bottom of this article just in case you haven't)….

You know, the interesting thing is, that Yoga Girls really do stand out...

After teaching yoga to close to a thousand Yoga Girls over the past 5 years, I’ve noticed that there are some key things that distinguish Yoga Girls from the rest... When I am at an airport waiting to meet my Yoga Girls before an upcoming retreat, I can generally spot them as soon as they walk through the gates, even though I have never met them before…. 

Here are 5 key things that I think make Yoga Girls stand out from the other passengers in the airport. Perhaps it is these qualities that also allow them to stand out from other people in the world as well…

1.    Yoga Girls desire mind-body connection.

Yoga Girls know and have experienced the awesome power that comes from reconnecting their bodies with their minds. Through yoga, they have had the chance to experience mind-body connection. It is like touching the divine and it feels so good they want to experience more of it….

This allows them to naturally shine from within.

They radiate something. They have something within them that no matter how scared or vulnerable or worried they are, no matter how hard life knocks them, they know they will find a way to get up again. Even if they don’t know how, they don’t give up, they keep looking until their answers become clear.

2. Yoga Girls desire to eat well.

Yoga Girls know that food really does matter. They know that when they over-eat crappy, processed foods they will feel bad. They know that when their stomach is not happy, they are not either.

By comparison, Yoga Girls know when they eat fresh fruit and vegetables, they feel happy and healthy.  

Yoga Girls know that fresh food = life and energy. When they eat well, they know that life takes on a special quality, an alchemical quality. This quality is akin to magic.  

In some ways, you’ve got to experience what happens when you shift your diet to fresh foods to really understand.  But once you do this, you cannot look back.  No longer can you eat heavy, stodgy, fatty, processed junk food. The benefits of fresh juices, salads, soups, smoothies, whole grains and vegetables become obvious. They nourish you back to holistic wholeness; mind, body and soul.

3.    Yoga Girls want to live well.

Yoga girls are conscious ladies of the world. They know what is possible for their lives.

They connect with their dreams and their goals. They set intentions and they breathe their intentions into their bodies, allowing that feeling to full and nourish them from inside.

If they feel anxious or scared Yoga Girls remember that they have magical tools for transformation that they can use to quickly shift challenges and dissolve their obstacles from their path.

4.    Yoga Girls are wellness seekers

Yoga girls are wellness seekers. They ask questions, they demand answers. They desire wellness and vitality. They are hungry to learn the secrets for living the good life.

Yoga Girls know the power of breathing deeply. They think, live and eat wellness. They know that when they do this they feel alive!

Yoga Girls know about balance. If they do too much for others and not enough for themselves, they know that they will suffer. They use the power of awareness to know when they have eaten enough, said enough, done enough.

They feel strong enough to know when to say yes and when to say no.  And they give themselves permission to say yes to themselves and no to others, even though sometimes it can be the hardest thing they have to do.

Yoga Girls recognize the inherent strength they have inside themselves to be courageous and go beyond their fears. Yoga Girls live courageous lives, going beyond their comfort zones so that they can keep growing and learning.

5.    Yoga Girls won’t settle for second best!

Yoga Girls are persistent, getting onto their yoga mat, again and again and again… Even if they do get side tracked for a few days, weeks or even years, they remember about the magic of their yoga mat and they come back to it.

In their energy field, Yoga Girls hold an invisible match ready to burst into flames, displaying their full glorious coat of magnificence. Typically this signifies that they are ready to take their life to the next level; to experience more joy, more happiness, more success, more health and more love.

Yoga Girls are committed to living lives that they truly love. They want to live meaningful lives; rich with purpose and in alignment with their own values: connection, happiness, health, nourishment, growth, creativity, spirituality, success and abundance.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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