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Frequent polls have shown that the world's most common New Year's  Resolution is to 'go on a diet'. Yet, despite this, very few people actually succeed in meeting their weight loss goals through dieting...

The reason for this is because fad diets never work in the long term... But, with the right knowledge, support and actions, it really is possible to lose weight without dieting. I know this because I lost over 60 pounds naturally!

We're already a few days into 2017 but it’s already that time of the year... I’m talking about the pressure to stick to your ‘New Years Resolutions'.

So, this year, instead of setting your New Year's Resolution to ‘go on a diet’ how about making a conscious choice to lose weight naturally? Sound too good to be true? It's totally possible!

Here are 4 quick tips to get you started...

1. Focus on creating long-term health.

There are many different ways to lose weight and at any given time there is always a popular food trend or popular fad diet to try. Take the time to learn about health and well-being so that you can know what is going to work best for you and your body.  It is important to remember that everyone is unique and different. Remember, that what works for one person may not work for another. Listen to your body and then act on what resonates as true for you. When you do this, you can easily make your own healthy food and lifestyle choices based on what is right for you. Avoid quick fixes as these get in the way of creating vibrant health in the long term.

When my body broke down, my Doctors offered me experimental medication. But, this didn't feel like the right path for me and instead I chose to focus on healing my body from withn. This was what made all the difference and allowed me to heal my body of chronic disease and at the same time lose weight naturally.

2) Beware of companies marketing fake foods.

January-time is when many food companies will most likely slash the price of unhealthy, processed foods in special promotions to try to get you to break your New Year's Resolution! Yes, it's a sneaky trick but they do it because they know that in many cases, it works!

Food companies have highly sophisticated marketing departments that specialise in understanding their customers purchasing decisions. They know that many people have resolved to eat well, especially in January! One technique to be wary of (especially in January) is called 'Bulk Price' discounting. This is used in an attempt to incentivise you to buy food in bulk by offering it to the customer at a big reduction in price. Be wary of marketing campaigns such as  "Buy 3 for the Price of 2" or even "Buy 1, Get 1 Free!" types of deals and discounts.

3) Watch out for empty marketing promises.

The weight loss industry means big money for these companies. Many of these companies sell empty marketing promises based on short-term fixes. Here are some recent radio advertisements I have seen or read in the last few days...

  • "I’m so happy - I can easily fit into a size 12 now”
  • “YES! I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week”   
  • "Losing weight was so easy."
  • “I didn’t even have to think about it”
  • “The food was delivered to my door and I just popped it into the microwave”

Instead of going for the empty marketing promises found so frequently in the dieting industry, focus your time and energy on creating long term vibrant health. One way I did this was to surround myself with inspirational books and mentors; people who had discovered how to activate their own self-healing abilities.

4) Take a healing approach to losing weight.

Taking a natural, healing approach to losing weight is what will yield you permanent and effective results in the long term. Start this year off with introducing healthy habits, thoughts and actions. Make the choice to surround yourself with positive, uplifting and inspirational people that can inspire you to achieve the success you desire. Losing weight naturally is possible when you take the time to reconnect back to your mind and body.

Let today be the beginning of a fantastic New Year. Wherever you are right now, take a moment to sit quietly. Breathe deeply in through your nostrils and let new oxygen fill your lungs, your cells, your body. Conside that now is the perfect time to let go of old habits from the past that are no longer serving you, so that you can step create the health and body that you deserve. Make this new year your year...

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With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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