Katrina Love Senn

I have something I have to confess to you.... I love food with a passion. And eating is one of my greatest joys in life. And when I was trying to lose weight this seemed like a curse. I used to believe that to lose weight you had to eat less food and food that didn't taste nice.

And as hard as I tried I could never ever stick to any diet or starvation routine.

Before I knew it I would be starving with hunger and find myself in the kitchen eating my good tasting food that I had been missing for days or weeks or even months, depending on how long I had been on the diet.

But the day I discovered that I could LOSE weight and enjoy eating as much food as I liked and most importantly that the food looked and tasted delicious everything changed for me. This realisation flicked a switch inside me. My belief that I had to eat less food to lose weight TOTALLY LOST it's power in that moment.

Once blown apart this one unhelpful belief totally smashed. And everything in my life changed. And now I had the opportunity based on my new experience to create a new belief. My new belief was "I could eat delicious food that looked and tasted great and I could enjoy delicious food and still lose weight."

Wow. A total revelation. And for maybe the first time in my life I discovered FREEDOM. True freedom from the dieting trap.

You see I wasn't stupid. I'd read all the books. But it didn't make any difference until I addressed my mind and my beliefs. My mind had been holding onto a false idea that I had to stop eating nice food to lose weight. But it was WRONG!!!!!!!

Now I believe and know to be true that healthy food is much nicer than unhealthy food. And I can eat as much food as I want and remain healthy and trim.

WOW, and that was just the beginning of the journey....

And yes I still LOVE food today, just as much and with a passion. Food is one of my greatest loves in my life. I promise you, you can lose weight and have your cake. I did, and you can too.

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With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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