Katrina Love Senn

Losing weight can be such an exciting and empowering journey or a difficult and painful journey. The decision is entirely yours. Do you know what the first step to losing weight is?

The first step to losing weight is making the decision to lose weight. 100% commitment. Full integration of your mind, body and soul. Once you have fully committed to making the decision to losing weight and looking and feeling fabulous the rest will be a lot easier I can assure you!

Be inspired, take a leap of faith and a dose of courage to listen to what you really want. Allow yourself to look within at what you truely desire and take the necessary steps to create a life that you love. Remember in the words of the Buddha, "You, as much as anyone else deserve love".

And know that you as much as anyone else deserve to live an amazingly healthy and vibrant life. It all starts in this moment, right now, with making the decision to live life the way that you want.

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