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Did you know that 95% of all diets fail? Are you sick of being on the dieting cycle?  Would you like to kick the dieting habit and lose weight for good this time?  Are you ready to feel healthier, more alive and more vibrant?

If so, then it's important that we explore and debunk some common weight loss myths that might be keeping you back from achieving the weight loss success that you deserve...

Myth #1 - 'Losing weight is hard!'

Don't fall for this myth - it is simply not true!

Be warned that the dieting industry wants you to believe that losing weight is difficult and hard. They will try to confuse you with alarming startistics and misrepresented figures.

Having lost over 60 pounds naturally (and kept it off for over 15 years now) it's much truer to say that losing weight is easy when you know how.

If you are ready to lose weight for good then it's necessary to break free of this hypnotic weight loss myth. It's simply not true.

Affirm to yourself that losing weight is easy when you know how! 


Myth #2 - 'You need to go on a diet to lose weight'.

Diets have been proven to fail, time and time and time again.

Rather than being helpful, dieting actually causes extreme harm to your body by destroying your natural body rhythms, such as your metabolism, as well as your digestive, respiratory and hormonal systems.

Creating health and wellness from within is the one thing that will enable everything to change for the better. Taking a holistic approach to your health will allow your weight loss to be natural and sustainable.

So, instead of dieting why not start your own Healing Journey instead?

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Myth #3 - 'There is something wrong with you if you are overweight'.

If you are not at your ideal body size, then please know that there is nothing wrong with you...

Consider it a personal invitation to start your Healing Journey! Use it as an opportunity to look within and see where your life is out of balance. Where are you feeling stressed? What needs to change in your life?

Reflect on what you really want in your life. Then, take some time to identify the thoughts, emotions and actions that will best help you to create what you truly want.

Be proactive and get the support of a healer or coach, so that you can courageously make the changes that you need to bring your body, mind and emotions into alignment with your values, passions and dreams.

Myth #4 - 'To lose weight you must restrict your food intake'.

This is another myth that you may have heard, which is simply not true!

When I started on my weight loss journey, I began to eat more food, but regularly throughout the day. Where before I had only been eating 1 or 2 meals a day, I started my healing journey by eating 6-8 'mini' meals at consistent times throughout the day. This helped to restabilise my blood sugars and heal my metabolism and metabolic rate.

In addition to eating food more frequently, I also focused on eating real food.

Where before I had been previously drinking coffee to kick-start my day and eating carb-based sugary fake foods such as bread, chocolate, chips, crisps, pasta and white rice, I started substituting out these foods and replacing them with protein-rich, high fiber and 'good fat' foods, such as brown rice, salmon, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and prunes.

Losing weight for good is not about eating less, but about eating the right kinds of food that your body recognises. These foods have the power to heal your body naturally from within.

When this happens, losing weight can happen naturally, easily and effortlessly!

Stop Dieting And Start Losing Weight Naturally.

By turning your attention to healing yourself, losing weight can be much easier than you have been led to believe.

I know because I lost over 60 pounds using these powerful healing strategies and I know that if I can do it, you can too.

To learn more about losing weight naturally, get your copy of my book called, 'Losing Weight is a Losing Journey'...

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With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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