Katrina Love Senn

This week we are looking at the real reasons why diets fail (and this is also relevant for people who are just looking to boost their energy levels as well...)

Insight #1: It all begins with our thoughts

The focus of our mind and our thoughts (our internal reality) directly impacts upon our external world...

Insight #2: Learn how to become your own best friend.

Make friends with your inner voice, your inner critic, your inner dialogue (whatever it is that you wish to call it!)

You are born alone.
You will die alone.
You live with your thoughts.
You go to sleep with your thoughts.
You wake up with your thoughts.
You are the very person you have been waiting for, all your life.

Keep believing in yourself.
You are truly amazing.
Your body is a true miracle.
You are a divine, magnificent being.
Step forward into your power, and claim it.
It is yours.

And have an energised amazing day!

Insight #3: Natural weight loss is holistic in nature

It involves the mind, the body the heart and the soul....

Diets (notice the word DIE) pretty much fail time and time again as we already know! The figure is actually as hight as 99% of the time. They focus on food and exercise. Eat less, exercise more. You must exercise at least 30-60 minutes a day, eat less calories than you burn off, portion control etc etc

If this sounds bleak, I have some great news for you...

- I eat more today than I ever have!
- I am basically quite lazy, and still don't enjoy
exercise, and refuse to do anything that sounds or feels like exercise!!!

AND..... I still lost weight (lots of it!!!!)

Amongst other things, here is a few things that I implemented in my life to create long lasting change that totally transformed my life!

Insight #4: It is your birthright to be healthy and vibrant and trim.

As we LEARN more about ourselves, our needs, our values, we can get to know ourselves and love ourselves for who we are and move into a lovely place of self-aceeptance and self-love for everything that we are right now. And as we start to listen to ourselves we can connect with and hear our deepest heart desires, life dreams and goals. When we can connect with ourselves on all levels, we can make choices that are fully supportive of and in total alignment with ourselves.

Being in this place allows us to feel powerful, playful, and totally fulfilled from the inside.

We stop looking for other people to blame, and step into taking full responsibility for our lives. And we feel the power that comes from doing this...

WOWEEEEE........ Watch as Life takes on a whole new meaning....

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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