Katrina Love Senn

Do you feel as is you have untapped creative potential living inside of you?  Or maybe you feel as if you weren't lucky enough to be blessed with creative genes.

It’s funny how our minds work in weird and wonderful ways; and how our beliefs, our identities and self perceptions get formed as we grow up, particularly around something as fundamental to life as creativity.

I’m not sure when, but at some point while I was a teenager, I presumed that since my sister studied art and in doing so, produced some great work; that she was creative, and as a result, that meant that I wasn’t.

Crazy?? Yes!!!

Wrong?? Certainly!!

Our childhood experiences shape our perceptions.

Yet, these beliefs and perceptions that we grow up with are so powerful in forming our self-perceptions, often we live with them for our entire life. When you think about it, how many people take the time and have the courage to delve deeply into their identities? To investigate whether they really are true or not? To see if they bring them closer or move them further away from living the lives of their dreams?

I strongly believe that we must never accept assumptions or the status quo; and that the real personal challenge is to question everything, to really develop our own sense of self about who we are, who we are not; and to make decisions on whom we do and do not want to be.

However there is some really good news!

The belief that I wasn’t creative was challenged while attending a personal development course when I was 21 years old. An exercise that I did, revealed that my primary life purpose was to express my creativity and give birth and life to my ideas. At this point in my life, I thought that this was the funniest, perhaps even, the craziest thing anyone had ever told me! In that moment a couple of things happened....

Firstly, I noticed that my heart jumped for joy - finally after all these years someone was listening to its quiet still whispers, while almost simultaneously, my overly, critical mind was quick to point out, that not only was there no way I was creative, but that I had studied sciences, maths and business, not art. My mind chatter was intense and even though I wanted to be creative my self dialogue went something like this …

“…Creative – are you crazy? You can’t draw. You can’t paint. You don’t even know how to. Don’t be ridiculous. Forget about this, keep living your life, just pretend that this never happened. You were doing fine before….”

However, as you can imagine this notion that maybe I was creative certainly got me thinking! I wanted to learn more about the concept of creativity and what being creative really meant. And deep down, I wanted to know, if perhaps there was a chance… that maybe, just maybe I could be creative, even if it was only a little bit...

Maybe, just maybe you are creative too...

Maybe, just maybe, you too are also creative... If there was something creative that you could do, what would it be? What kind of creativity class would you take first? What other things might you be tempted to do?

We are all born creative and you deserve to enjoy the wonders that come from living a creative and adventurous life...

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


 Katrina Oainting

(Photo: Painting by Katrina Love Senn, 2006)


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