Katrina Love Senn

I believe one of the most important things that you can do is invest in your own health education.

Why do I say this?

There is so much that is wrong with our current health system evident in our current health results. Using medication and prescription drugs as the primary solution for healing is not the way to create health or a healthy society.

Ultimately it is not focused on making you healthy, but on creating healthy profits for drug companies.

Many drug companies and advertising companies are able to fool people who have not educated themselves about what real health is. This is happening at an even increasing rate. It has been said that, ‘many a fool is born every day.’  

This is your life.

No longer can you rely on other people to heal you. Time to let go of our authority figures and take full responsibility for our lives, our health, our communities, and the world we live in.”

Now is the time to take full responsibility for your life and health on all levels; this includes the food you choose to eat, the thoughts that you choose to think, the things you choose to say to yourself and others, how you choose to move your body, the type of work that you choose to do and even what relationships you choose to be in. Know what to look for. Without the necessary health education how will you be able to tell the difference between the real thing and clever marketing, highly targeted promotional strategies and well-trained sales people?

Unless you know what you are looking for, how can you differentiate a genuine health and healing protocol from another?

The best and often simplest way is to follow the money. Use your intuition and listen to your body. If you sense that people are trying to sell you something then take this as a warning sign to find another teacher to learn from.

Get recommendations from people that have created long lasting results.

One sure way that you can sort the good advice from the rest is to start educating yourself. With the help of the internet you have access to more information today than at any other time in history. Just be aware of who you are listening to and who you are studying from; today there are healing courses that certify people within a weekend.

Look for the person who ‘walks their talk’.

When you find those people listen to them and learn from them. Ask yourself, what did they do that you could do as well? Take what they say and if it resonates for you, investigate it further if that feels right for you.

Study and immerse yourself in the very best high-quality health information you can find. Take baby steps to towards change incorporating a holistic inner and outer approach to healing.

As you do this, over time you will create new healthy habits for yourself, that will transform you and your life.

Be the master of your own destiny.

If you are currently living your life in the passengers’ seat life struggling to move into the drivers’ seat, I encourage you to have the confidence to make the change today.

You are not a victim unless you choose to be.

You really are an immensely powerful person. With the right information you have the ability to positively and totally transform your health and your experience of life.

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