Loving Your Body

Over the last 48 hours Damien and I have travelled on a plane, a little boat, a big boat, buses, trains, and a tram. We've been on time and also early with time on our hands. It's been a big journey!

We've crossed different time zones and changed our clocks and waited. Then changed them again for day light savings... And waited again!

There's been moments of bright sunshine, blue skies, heavy rain, grey skies, big windy storms and beautiful sunsets and sunrises along the way. In all of it there's been times of exuberance, hope and joy, and also unknowns and questions along the way...

Traveling from the gorgeous Greek Islands back to St Leonards reminded me of what happens when you go on your own Healing Journey, when you get a chance to say goodbye to beautiful but foreign lands and take the journey back home to yourself...

Letting go of the past and learning how to truthfully reconnect back with yourself ~ your mind, your emotions, your passions and food so that you can really create a beautiful, deep, honouring and loving relationship with your own body is like walking in the front door of your beloved house...

And when you arrive, it's like life saying 'Well, hello you...Welcome home. We've been waiting for you to arrive!'...

Please know that it's never too late to start on your healing journey - always remember, that when you've been away for a long time, there's no greater feeling like arriving home at long last!

Have the courage to go on your healing journey. Follow your dreams and let your heart guide you safely home!With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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