Katrina Love Senn

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."

~ Marcus Aurelius

When I was overweight and struggling to find my place in the world, I spent so much time and energy berating myself. I used to think energy draining thoughts such as, “If only I was different” or “If only the world was different”.

Then one day, in July 1997, I had an epiphany.

I realized that I was the only one doing all the thinking inside my head. Innocently, I wondered, 'what would happen if I changed my thoughts and started to think new ones instead?'

The idea filled me with excitement. And, I made a courageous decision to stop my old ways of thinking, so that I could think different, more empowering thoughts instead.

My new thoughts allowed me to take inspired action, resulting in me being able to radically transform my body, my health and my life. Within just 18 months I had lost over 60 pounds naturally, with no diets, drugs or deprivation. I completely healed myself of chronic asthma as well.

On my life-changing healing journey, I discovered that as I changed my thoughts, I could make a difference in my own life, and that of others.

Here are 3 ways that you can harness your mind and thoughts, so that you can begin creating and living your dreams today.

Strategy #1. Give loving, kind and supportive thoughts to yourself.

Invite supportive thoughts into your mind each day. Some examples of supportive thoughts might be:

    “I am good enough”
    “I love my body”
    “I am really proud of myself and all my efforts"
    "I am lovable just as I am”

The secret to thinking supportive thoughts is through constant repetition. When I was on my healing journey, I would repeat these supportive thoughts as often as I could throughout the day, and I highly recommend that you do this, as well.

Think of these supportive thoughts as nourishment for your heart and soul, similar to drinking a glass of water, when you feel hot and thirsty.

Strategy #2. Show appreciation and gratitude.

Did you know that you create more of the experiences that you focus your attention upon?

So, in order to get more happiness in your life, I highly recommend that you spend your time noticing and complimenting the people and the activities that are working well in your life.

When you purposefully and consciously put your attention on the things that bring you happiness you will effortlessly experience more ease in your relationship with other people, including your work colleagues, family members and loved ones, and your life will certainly change for the better.

Strategy #3. Make a small, meaningful difference in the world.

No matter how busy you are or what your current financial situation, there are many things you can mentally or emotionally 'give' to other people or the world.

One way you can get started with this is to do something kind and unexpected for someone else.

When you focus on where you can add value and help other people, you take the attention away from the challenges of your own life. Contributing to the world and making a real difference in someone else's life has the ability to make you feel amazing and filled with passion and purpose!

You might want to start this mental practice by offering small acts of kindness to strangers. Start by offering someone a smile or a kind word and praise with a stranger.

With a bit of practice you could build up the courage to hold the door open for someone, help someone who is struggling to carry something heavy, lend something to someone that needs it or surprise someone by paying their coffee bill.

A special kind of magic is unleashed when random acts of kindness begin to become a regular part of your every day thinking and existence.

You can master your mind.

You are the only person who is in charge of your mind. You get to choose what thoughts that you believe about yourself, other people and life itself. Changing my thoughts radically changed my life, and I know that it has the power to do the same for you too.

Life is a beautiful gift and when you harness the power of your mind with these three ideas you truly can begin to imagine and create the life of your dreams.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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