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Have you ever had the experience of setting a goal to achieve something but then found yourself doing the exact thing that would prevent you from achieving your goal?

Author, Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby once wrote that “Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn't happen.”

Self-sabotage is renowned for popping up in your life at the moment that you set your sights on achieving a dream or goal. If self-sabotage is left unaddressed, it has the ability to block your long-term happiness and success.

So, in this article, we are going to look at 3 ideas about self-sabotage. With this new level of awareness, you can stop self-sabotage in its’ tracks, and look forward to achieving all your dreams and goals instead.

1. Self-sabotage can show up in many different forms.

Self-sabotage can reveal itself in many ways, but one of the most common forms is procrastination.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” (when you know that you should really be getting on with things today), then it could be that you are holding yourself back in some way...
Other common forms of self-sabotaging behaviors are self-medication with drugs or alcohol, comfort eating, emotional eating, fear of failure and other forms of negative self-talk and mental doubts.

Whilst engaging in these types of behaviours may provide temporary relief in the moment, it might be what is ultimately holding you back.

2. Realise that self-sabotage can be ‘unconscious protection’

If you find that there are no logical reasons why you are not do something, then it is highly likely that there is an unconscious form of ‘protection’ that is happening in your life.

Consider that your patterns of self-sabotage are asking you to look within and address your unconscious fears of what would happen to you, if you did achieve your goal.

One healing client I worked with wanted to lose weight and had tried lots of different diets.   When we looked deeper at her situation, she had a ‘break-thorough’ moment. She realized that she was afraid of intimacy and didn’t want to get hurt. In her own words, she said that "her weight was her perfect alibi".

3. Self sabotage is a call to align your thoughts and actions

If you are experiencing self-sabotage behaviors, it is because you have internal thought-processes and beliefs that are out of alignment with your desired goals.

Once my client had received her break-through a-ha moment, we knew that it was time to replace her old ways of thinking with new thought patterns that would be more aligned with her goals.

As soon as you are in genuine alignment with your dreams, goals and desires, you will find yourself being compelled naturally towards your desired success.

You can transform your self-sabotage into success!

Pay attention to when and where you experience self sabotage in your life. If it is something that you are very familiar with, then allow yourself some space to contemplate would your life will be like when things change for the better...

When your mind and body come together and work as a team, you can achieve your goals with less struggle and more flow and grace!

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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