Katrina Love Senn

Do you sometimes feel as if your dreams, will only ever be dreams?

Living your dreams is not a subject that is usually taught at home, in school or at work but it is one that is particularly close to my heart.

In this article, I want to share some ideas that have really helped me to have the courage to go after my own dreams.

My hope is that you can use these ideas to help you manifest and create your dream life too.

1. Make Your Dreams Vivid.

If you want to realise your dreams you have to make them vivid. Making your dreams crystal clear will help you in your quest to make them real.

One tool that can really help you to make your dreams vivid, are Dream Boards. When I was losing weight I created a Dream Board that I kept beside my bed.  I looked at the dream board every morning and every night and I found it to be an invaluable tool to keep me motivated and inspired.

You can create a physical dream board using photos cut from magazines or if you prefer to do it online, you can create a photographic dream board online using a website like Pinterest.

The most important part of this process is that you allow yourself to be creative, laugh and have some fun. When you are creating your dream board, allow yourself to imagine how you would absolutely love your life to be. Block out some time in your diary so that you can spend some uninterupted time dreaming and meditating about what you truly want.

2. Get Emotional About Your Dreams.

When you attach positive emotions to your dreams it is far more likely that you will achieve them.

Our brains are hard wired to pay more attention to the things that we get emotional about.  Can you remember what you had for breakfast 9 days ago?  Probably not but I am sure that you can remember your first kiss.

When you are attaching emotions to your dreams be sure to engage all your senses in this process, paying particular attention to all the good feelings your dreams evoke.

3. Assemble Your 'Dream Team'.

If you want to achieve big things and live your dream life, you are going to need the help and support of other people.  So many people make the mistake of trying to go after their dreams alone.

The importance of assembling a 'Dream Team' became so real for me when my husband Damien and I were renovating our new home.  The project required a whole range of different skills and talents, most of which we didn't possess!  We called in the services of a Master Builder, a carpenter, electricians, plumbers, plasterers and decorators.

So what special skills do you need to help you create your dream?  Who would you love to have on your Dream Team cheering and supporting you on your path to success? Who is the one person you can call today to help you get started?

4. Following Your Dreams will Make You Stronger.

When you go after your dreams, you will be tested in many different ways.  These tests are specifically designed to help you grow stronger.

Realise that your dreams are always calling you to transform into the highest and best form of yourself. Today I am so grateful for the challenges that I had to confront and overcome when I was sick, tired and overweight.  Looking back, I can see very clearly now that these challenges have helped me to become who I am today.

Instead of resisting your challenges, take the time to stop and appreciate them. Ask yourself how your current challenges can help you to achieve your dreams.

5. Trust in Your Dreams.

One of the most important things you can do is trust in your dreams.

Whatever it is that you dream about, know that there is a very good reason why you have this dream inside you. Your dream is your dream - it is totally unique and special to you.

The key thing to realize here is that you wouldn’t have your dream without also being given the ability to tap into all the resources needed to achieve it.

Trust in your dream and allow them to guide you on your life's journey...

You Can Start to Live Your Dreams Today.

You don’t have to put off living your dream life anymore. Sharing your dreams in a supportive environment is a lovely way to help you deeply connect to your dreams. The more that you talk about your dreams and share them, the easier it will be for them to manifest in your life.

You can begin to live your dream life today by taking action right now. How about sharing your dream life in the Comments section below? Remember to make your dreams vivid and attach positive emotions to them. I really look forward to reading more about your dreams...

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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