Katrina Love Senn

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

Maya Angelou

I love this quote from Maya Angelou because it reminds me that we are all unique and individual. And it is our song that makes us so.

Are you ready to start singing your song?

In my healing and teaching work, I feel very blessed to work with women all over the world helping them to identify their unique song so that they can sing it and go after their dreams...
So, how can we all start to sing our own song?

When you begin to question your old ways of thinking, you can learn to ask different questions… new questions… more empowring questions... I always like to say,    

“When you ask different questions, you will get different answers”.

This process of self-enquiry through asking different questions is very powerful. Remember the guru always live within. Right now sitting within you are all the answers you are seeking.

This heart-warming practice of asking new questions, will invite you into you into new spaces. Let these spaces lead you towards new possibilities and new stories... And the chance to sing your own song...

Here are 3 ideas to help you to start asking yourself different questions so that you can start thinking new and more empowering thoughts...

Idea #1. Affirm to yourself "I am good enough right now"

Feeling good about yourself starts with your thoughts. When you affirm that you are good enough, you start to change the internal dialogue within your mind.

Very typically what I notice when working with women, is that it is the things that they think that need to change, that make them special and unique.

You are good enough. You are okay. You were born worthy.

Start by saying to yourself, "I am good enough". Repeat this short phrase over and over again (I suggest saying it up to 100 times a day!)

Put your focus on accepting yourself for who you are. Realise, it is your differences that make you unique. And once you can embrace these differences, they will become the major beats for your life song.

Idea #2. Never compare yourself to anyone else.

Comparing yourself to anyone else is a sure-fire way to instantly feel bad about yourself and who you are! Plus, it's kind of point-less: similar to comparing apples with bananas. Each have qualities that are truly amazing. Remember that just like the apple or banana, you too have wonderful qualities that make you unique as well.

if you tend to compare yourself to others, here's an idea that works for me. Take the time to identify and recognise the things that you admire in other people. Make a list of them. And now, instead of wishing to be like that person, get clear about specifically what it is that you admire about them.

Now contemplate what you can do to start integrating some of these qualities into your own life. This will help you to get clearer on your own life dreams.

Idea #3. It's your life and your journey - make it great!

Remind yourself that everyone has their own challenges to overcome.

Take the time to truly embrace your challenges, so that you can discover the real gold. It can be in your challenges, your pain and the most difficult parts of your life, that can help you to pay attention and become fully present. Let these experiences infuse your song.

Give yourself a gift and sing your song...

Today give yourself the opportunity to step into self-acceptance and unconditional love. You are the bird with your own unique song. Let your song fill the Universe with the knowledge that you are okay, just as you are.

You are smart enough. You are worthy enough. You are good enough. This is your song. Let the tune be guided by the beat of your heart, the rhythm of your breath and the beauty of your dreams.

Start singing the song of your heart today.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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