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Life is in a constant state of flux and change. Nature reminds us that nothing ever stays the same. We go from Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter…

Sometimes, there is a time of expansion. Sometimes there is a time of rest. Hibernation enables new growth to emerge. Writer and philosophist, Anais Nin reminds us, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

In this article, I share 3 sure-signs that you are ready to do something different. Let these signs show you that you are ready to let go of the old and step into the new!

1. You are feeling bored with your life.

If you feel bored, then this is a classic sign that life is inviting you to express more of your gifts in the world. You have probably outgrown your environment and the people in it. You might be experiencing boredom at work, in your relationship, with your friends. Give yourself permission to experience “itchy feet.”  

As you step forward and start to grow, it is important that you support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Trust that this is the time for you to grow. As you expand your possibilities, let yourself connect with the feeling of expansion. Let this expansion and growth nourish you, like the warm rays of sunshine on your skin.

When you are moving into an expansionary phase, support yourself by eating natural foods. You may even like to start detoxifying your body by eating whole foods. As you grow, you may experience a desire to move; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically or spiritually.

When starting to move your body, do so in a way that brings you exquisite joy. For each person, this will be vastly different. You may wish to try, reconnecting back to your body with gentle stretches, doing yoga, going for a run, swimming, going on a yoga retreat, dancing or even, start training for a physical event.

2. You are experiencing addictive behavior.

Addictions numb or block out your emotions so that you can can’t feel or lessen the feeling of pain. Addiction to a substance is a form of coping with stress, but it is an unhealthy coping mechanism.

Depending on the addiction, it may be more or less obvious the true extent of the problem. For example a dependency on drugs is probably going to be more noticeable as a big problem in life than an addiction to work or sugar.

To find out if you are addicted to something, just try cutting it out of your life for a week (or say in the case of work, at least cut back on it). Do you experience anxiety? Do you crave it? Your answers to these questions can act as a guide on how much you have come to depend on this substance. Spend some time journaling or working with a coach to break free of your addiction. Addictions only serve as an unhealthy crutch to numb us from not dealing with stress in our life. Take the time to look within and be honest with yourself about what is really going on in your life and particularly about what is stressing you out in your life.

Maybe it is the right time to find a healthier way to deal with stress. Dealing with the stress in your life rather than trying to mask it with an addictive behavior is a more sustainable and healthier approach. Realise that your addiction is inviting you to grow and to experience true freedom.

3. You are showing signs of procrastination and self-sabotage.

Procrastination and self-sabotage are forms of resistance that block you from moving forward.  If you are experiencing resistance, then it may be time to look at what unconscious fears maybe manifesting physically in your life.

When old fears pop up it means that you are ready to grow. Trust that everything is perfect. Trust that now is the right time to connect with this old fear, the right time to heal it and the right time to let it go.

You can let go of fear in a variety of ways using a variety of mind-body healing tools. When you connect with fear in a safe space, with the help of a trained practitioner even old fears can dissolve very quickly.  You may also like to start a journaling practice to connect with your emotions and let them be expressed freely on the page.

If you are currently feeling overwhelmed with fear, that’s okay. Realise that you are safe. Say to yourself right now, “All is well in my world.” Repeat this affirmation as often as you need to.

During this process be kind and gentle with yourself. Treat yourself like a small child learning to walk. Celebrate each positive act. As you begin to deal with your fear, you will be able to move forward. Your resistance is inviting you to grow, so, be courageous and say yes to growth.

Courage, trust and kindness are the steps to success...

Have the courage to look within and listen to what your intuition is guiding you towards. If it is something new, expect to feel some feelings of discomfort, maybe fear, overwhelm or even resistance. This is only natural and normal. When you step outside your comfort zone, you are doing something different. Don’t expect to have all the answers. Just let yourself become conscious of where your life is gently guiding you. Pay attention and take action, just baby steps, in that direction.

Focus your attention on expanding your vision for what is possible in your life. Follow your heart and listen to the guidance within you. During this time of change and transition, remember that nature teaches us, that for a tree to blossom in Spring time it must be okay to lose it’s leaves it’s Autumn leaves.

Listen within to the quiet voice that resides within you. Trust it and let the light of possibility shine so that you can take the time to address any unresolved or unaddressed fears you have in your life. This will allow you the space to make your fear bigger than your courage so that you can move forward with grace and ease in your life.

If you would like some support in creating a positive change in your life, consider booking a Break-through healing session with me.  To find out more click here

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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