Katrina Love Senn

Have you ever looked at someone else and just wished that you had their body, their health or their life?

Whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, it is time to stop and reflect on what it is you really want to manifest and create in your own life.

Here are 4 steps that you can use to help your create your dreams...

1. Get clear on your dreams.

Look within to gain clarity on what your real dreams are.  

As soon as you are clear on what your dreams are, then you can begin to embody new beliefs to support your dreams.  When your mind expands to accept a new possibility, then true magic can take place.

Having the dreams coupled with the right beliefs will allow you to take the necessary action to go about achieving them.

2. Visualise your dreams.

To do something new and different, start by giving yourself permission to think new thoughts.

Allow yourself to imagine and day-dream about doing what you want to do. For example, infuse your mind with your dreams. You could put up pictures of your dream, on the wall.  You could meditate on your dream.

Release any negative thoughts that are counter to you achieving your dream. Thoughts, such as, “I can’t…” “I won’t….” “I could never do that…” are dream thieves.
This type of thinking is disastrous to you living your dream life. It literally stops you from ever trying. Think of it as trying to drive a car with your foot on the brakes.

It is impossible to move forward if you let negative thinking permeate your mindset. If you hear yourself thinking negative thoughts or words, replace them with more empowering ones!

3. Learn from people who are doing what you want to do.

Find people who are already doing what you dream about doing.  These people embody the belief that you are in the process of learning.

Using technology, you can connect with people easier than ever before. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, websites and twitter to reach out to the people who inspire you. Can you attend any of their events? Can you volunteer to work with them?

As you spend time with them ask yourself, “what patterns and habits do they already have that you could adapt into your own life?”

The more time that you can spend in the presence of people who have already done what you want to do, the more you can learn from them and the faster you can move towards achieving and living your own dreams.  These people have already put in place the necessary beliefs and actions to achieve their dreams. Learn from them and start putting these distinctions into practice in your own life.

4. Take baby steps.

Continuing to take action in the form of baby steps. Taking small action steps in the direction of your goal will enable you to achieve your dream.

If you want to learn to draw, to paint, to create, to write or to set up a business you must spend your time practicing doing these things. Take a class, read a book, fully engage your mind and body in this activity.  Be gentle with yourself and celebrate every little break through.

Every one of your dreams starts off as a tiny little seed. Just as you would never plant a tomato seed and then expect it to offer you tomatoes the next day, don’t expect yourself to master your new skill without practice. There are no short cuts to success.  But with each day that passes, keep energizing your dream with each baby step you take.

You can do it.

Whether you dream of quitting your job, losing weight, making more money or going on a yoga retreat know that this starts by first believing that you can do it.

As you create the right mindset, surround yourself with the right support and keep taking baby steps you will be on-track to achieving and living your dreams.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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