Not that long ago, coconuts were touted as the food of the devil.  We were told they were unhealthy: full of saturated fat and bad for us. They were guaranteed to make us obese and die of fat-clogged arteries.

But now, thankfully, coconuts are finally getting the spotlight of glory that they have deserved all along.

Why are coconuts so good for us?

Fresh coconuts grow naturally in nature. That’s the first clue! They are nature’s gifts, from the Universe to us. Free of human interference; such as manufacturing, chemicals, drugs, hormones and pesticides. A natural, “functional food” (functional food is a sophisticated science term basically meaning with remarkable health and healing benefits).

Furthermore, coconuts offer variety – there are 3 different ways to enjoy their goodness... yum!

There is coconut oil, coconut water and finally coconut meat. Let me explain a little about each one, so you are crystal clear about the properties of the divine and magical coconuts...

1. Coconut Oil

I love cooking. In fact I cook a lot. But I have never before found an oil that I can cook with, eat direct from the jar and use as an effective body and hair moisturiser! Although most of probably don’t want to think about this, anything placed on our skin gets absorbed directly into our body. I live by the philosophy that if I wouldn’t put it on my tongue, I don’t want to put it on my body. Oh, and make sure it is ORGANIC VIRGIN coconut oil.

**Important note: please read carefully** Coconut oil is the ONLY oil that should be heated. It doesn’t destabilise (lose its goodness) when heated, as ALL other oils do.

2. Coconut Water

This liquid gold is very high in electrolytes, and is rehydrating. I call it natures’ best sports water. Ever. Refreshing and tasty. For me, fresh coconut water beats Gatorade or Powerade. Anyday.

3. Coconut Meat

Packed full of body-building healthy fat, fibre and lauric acid (that’s the good stuff found in Mother's breast milk - also called the "perfect" food).

Summary of health benefits of eating coconut products:

  • Healthy glow: shiny hair and clear skin
  • Anti–aging: reduces wrinkles and smoothes fine lines
  • Weight loss: lose weight naturally, look vibrant and radiant
  • Flexibility: helps to increase body strength and body suppleness
  • Supports the immune system: fights disease and heads off chronic disease
  • With lots of all round goodness to boost: anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.


With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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