Katrina Love Senn

Eating processed foods and dieting is bad for your body as well as your spirit. And the crazy thing is that it actually makes you fat!

This is not about living a life of deprivation. The very opposite. This is about indulging in the bliss and enjoyment of food, and life. Sweet indulgences are a necessary part of living a balanced and fun life.

By the time food arrives in your local shop or supermarket it is at the end of a very long chain.

Great questions to ask yourself

As we become more conscius we need to ask ourselves questions such as....

  • Who made this food?
  • Who envisioned this product?
  • Who designed the packaging?
  • Who founded this company and on what values?
  • What happens to the profits?
  • Is this company traded on the stockmarket?
  • Who mixed the ingredients together?
  • Where did the raw ingredients come from?
  • Who packaged this product?

Eat food made with love.

Know that every item of food has it's own energy field and it's own vibration. When we are loving ourselves we only want to put the very best food inside our bodies. Food that not only nourishes our body, but also our spirit. Buying food that is made with love, is a personal affair.

There is a special connection, a relationship created and energy exchanged.

Chocolate is often called Food of the Gods as it is so sweet - however regular chocolate is filled with sugar and all sorts of chemicals, so how about instead of buying your regular sugar hit, you try something different?

My favourite sweet goddess treat.

I love sweet foods, and there was no way I wanted to drop sweet foods out of my life! Today my favourite is a spoon of organic organic coconut butter mixed with thick, golden organic coconut nectar mixed together! Oh myyy.... this is my favourite Goddess food and it is totally delicious!

Be a little adventurous.

Be curious. Go into a health food shop and find some good looking, sweet treats that have natural sugar-substitutes, such as xylitol, agave syrup, dates, apple juice or maple syrup. Some of my favourites are tropical fresh fruits, raw chocolate, high quality dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa), L'Arabars, NakD snack bars, Goji berry balls just to name a few... Avoid no-love foods like highly processed foods and chemicals like white salt, sugar, damaged fats such as trans-fats and hydrogenated fats.

Foods made with love are the way of the future

They are much better for you, your body and taste just as delicious. Food that nourishes you is good for your spirit!

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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