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Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have a relationship with food.

But, whether it is a healthy one, is mainly dependent on your past.  At the heart of the idea of food freedom is the idea that it is possible to develop and embrace a healthy and peaceful relationship with food, yourself and your body.

I believe that developing a healthy relationship with food is a special time in your life - an opportunity for self growth and learning.

Think of it as a rite of passage where not only are you being called to claim back your health but to live in a way that truly honours your authentic, powerful self.

What is Food Freedom?

Perhaps let’s start with clarifying what it is not.

Food freedom is not about diets, deprivation, food dogma or strict food rules and restrictions. It isn’t about counting calories, measuring portion sizes or weighing food. It isn’t about beating yourself up or using food to punish. It isn’t about living up to someone else’s food standards. Nor is it about criticising yourself for the food you eat, or the body that you have right now.

It is not about labelling food as naughty, wrong, bad, unhealthy or sinful.

Food Freedom Feels Peaceful.

Food freedom is about opening your heart and mind to naturally wanting to eat healthy, rejuvenating and enlivening foods; foods that nourish and nurture you.

It is about slowing down and consciously enjoying the whole process of eating food; before, during and after. Creating food freedom expands your choices and options around food.

No matter where you are right now on your food journey creating a sense of ‘food freedom’ helps you to establish a new relationship with food, your body and your life.

Your Inner World is the Doorway.

Food freedom starts from within. What I have discovered is that lasting changes begins with addressing inner change. From this place, outer changes such as weight loss and health improvements can follow effortlessly and easily.

Food freedom begins by addressing emotional eating and food addictions. Simply by gaining awareness of what is happening in your inner world; your thoughts and your feelings about food, your body and your beliefs you can begin to turn the key and unlock the door to experiencing freedom around food.

It is your thoughts and your feelings that count. Think of them like the wind. Even though you cannot see the wind, when it blows, you can feel it. The impact of your thoughts and feelings are similar.

You Can Transform Your Relationship with Food.

It is your thoughts and emotions that powerfully affect your food cravings, food choices and ultimately your waist line. What do you say to yourself? How do your thoughts and feelings make you feel? Do they support you on your journey towards health or hinder you?

Consciously working with the things you say to yourself and learning how to express your feelings rather than bottle them up will help you to move forward in a positive way. There are many ways to heal.

Use Gentle Healing Tools.

A few of my favourite gentle healing tools are listening to healing meditations, daily journaling and moving the body.

These gentle healing tools will help you to identify and release trapped feelings. There is no need to swallow or hold onto stuck and stagnant energy in your body.

Write your feelings down on paper, express them out in the privacy of your diary or shout them out as you walk alone through rolling hills. Allow yourself to let them go, so that you can finally be free of them.

Allow your suppressed and repressed emotions to become a powerful channel for personal self expression, enabling your old trapped cellular memories to be released, and yourself to heal and grow in the process.

Notice as you consciously connect and heal feelings of anger, fear, frustration, sadness, grief rage, your food cravings and addictions begin to effortlessly dissolve by themselves.

You Can Create Food Freedom in Your Life.

Using an inner and outer approach to healing your relationship to food engages both your mind and body. It enables profound and permanent change to occur in your life.

No matter what your food history has been like in your life in your past, know that you can re-write it. It does not have to be your future.

You can create total food freedom when you look within allowing yourself to connect, express and release your old emotions.

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Katrina Love Senn xo

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