Katrina Love Senn

The other night for our dinner party it was raw all the way...

Have you heard of raw food?

Raw foodies believe that eating raw food (food eaten raw, in its' living and natural state is the best for us as it has all the nutrients and enzymes stil intact)...

In LA, possibly one of the biggest health food conscious cities I have ever lived in, raw food is a very big thing... with plenty of raw food restaurants, and raw food communities... Check out this tasty dinner I enjoyed the other night at Raw Restaurant Cru ...

It was totally delicious! Healthy food is the best fuel to feel good, get healthy, fit, strong and believe it or not, it will help you build an amazing yoga practice for yourself.

You don't have to be 100% raw.

In fact most raw foodies aren't. I think it is best to drop all labels - raw, vegan, diet, vegetarian, alternative, and embrace healthy, fresh and natural foods and living. That way no one has to feel "boxed in" and let's face it, as soon as we are told you can't eat something what's the first thing you want to do? Go and eat it!

Of course - but us humans we are funny. We wouldn't just eat a little bit, we would probably go crazy on something that is forbidden. Look at the only country that hasn't made drugs illegal and it's the only country that doesn't have a drug problem. How ironic is that! I feel its the same with food. Whatever we tell ourselves we can't have, our inner child goes crazy and throws a tantrum and all that we can think about all day, all night is that forbidden thing, until eventually we give in. We eat sooo much of it which at first tastes amazing, then we will probably feel bloated, guilty and that viscious dieting cycle starts all over again....

Take time to enjoy your food.

Take your time to savour the tastes, the textures, the incredible miracle that real food is and how it came into your life - live inspired, be inspired and enjoy transforming your life by noticing all the mini miracles all around you. My best advice is take the 80:20 rule, and adapt it into your life as you see fit. Keep playing with it. As you transform and grow, so will your food desires and preferences.

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