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Today I want to address something that I get asked about a lot in my private Breakthrough healing sessions from my clients who would like to lose weight for good…

Perhaps it’s a question you’ve wondered about as well?

How Do I Find the Willpower and Motivation to Lose Weight?

So many people ask me how I found the willpower and motivation to lose weight.

The honest answer is I didn’t…

This might sound a little surprising so allow me to explain…

The truth is I don’t know anybody who has a constant and never ending supply of willpower and motivation…

Willpower and motivation are two words that the dieting industry use to purposely confuse and control women. They are designed to set up a destructive cycle of chronic yo-yo dieting.

"Willpower and motivation are two words that the dieting industry use to purposely confuse and control women." Click to Tweet

The Healing Approach to Losing Weight is Something Very Different.

Taking the healing approach to losing weight is very different to dieting. The healing journey is a holistic path honoring all the different parts of you. It recognizes that your body, mind and emotions are all interconnected.

Pay attention to your intuition and honor it, rather than depriving it or trying to force it to do something that feels unnatural.

It's All About Building Self-Awareness.

For example, when I was on a diet, I used to beat myself up for eating a chocolate bar and would end up feeling like a failure.

But, when I turned my attention to healing my body, I started to build my awareness of the complete eating experience - before, during and after eating.

Carrying on with our chocolate bar example, I would notice the conditions that needed to be present in order for me to feel the urge to eat a chocolate bar…

When I ate a chocolate bar, I paid attention to the sensations in my mouth.  I noticed that the chocolate was sweet – a little too sweet actually.

I also noticed that it would leave a chemical residue in my mouth that wasn’t very nice.

After I had eaten the chocolate bar, I noticed that it would give me a momentary energy jolt, followed by an energy slump.

The next day I would also notice that the chocolate bar had slowed down the natural flow of my digestion.

Once I become aware of the full impact of the decision to eat a chocolate bar – I began to naturally be able to make very different kinds of choices for myself…

On my healing journey I soon became aware of the fact that not all chocolate is created equal.

I decided to ‘substitute out’ all the mass produced commercial chocolate, which is full of chemicals and preservatives and ‘substituted in’ chocolate made from natural ingredients.

This Instantly Made Me Feel Better.

I also noticed that I didn’t need chocolate in the same way to deal with the stress of my everyday life…

When you live with self-awareness, you will naturally begin to eat more of the foods your body likes to eat and what makes you feel vibrant and healthy.

Your body is a beautiful and precious vessel.

Give it the food that it recognizes and it will give you energy, health and a feeling of vitality. Give it fake foods and it is like putting the wrong kind of fuel in a car. It won’t work properly.

Change the fuel you use and you will dramatically change the performance of the car and your body.

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You Can't Do It By Over-Riding Your Body...

And it all starts with relaxing your mind and changing the inner conversation that you have with yourself.

When you think different thoughts you will get different results.

This is why I have created the Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss program.

Listening to the Healing Meditations is a simple and easy way to rapidly improve the quality of your thoughts and feelings. 

This will help you to build your self-esteem and confidence and open you to new possibilities for your life.

So if you already know that you are ready for a shift in your life, please do check out the Healing Meditations program that I have created for you.

Get your FREE 15 minute Healing Meditation by clicking here...

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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