High Spirit MagazinePublication: High Spirit Magazine
Date: March 2010
Author: Katrina Love Senn
Title: 'Healing your Life using Mind Body Awareness'

Just weeks before her 20th Birthday, Katrina’s body collapsed.  Turning her back on the offer of experimental medication, this is her healing journey back to health.

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It was every young woman’s worst nightmare.

I was just 19 years of age, in a foreign country, alone in my budget motel room.

As I tried to open my eyes, I immediately realised that something was wrong. The entire area around my eyes was swollen, sore and tender. Fear and panic gripped my body. I tried to force my eyes to open, but couldn’t. My eyelids were stuck together, like glue. I was feverish and swimming in a pool of my own sweat. It wasn’t long before I realised that I couldn’t move a single bone in my body.  
After months of relentlessly pushing my body through the typical student regime of cramming, binging and partying, my body had finally broken.

My student conference finished early.

I was sent home on the first available flight that they could get me on.  Luckily my mum was there waiting for me at the airport ready to pick up the pieces.

Over the coming months I underwent every medical test available.  I must admit I found it strange that the doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with me.  

To be honest, I actually didn’t understand what was going on in my body either.  I would sleep for days on end, waking only for my medical appointments or to be spoon feed by my mother.

The day came when my doctors recommended I try some new experimental medication.  When I asked how long I would have to take it for they said ‘possibly for life’.  

My intuition screamed at me.  I’d been ‘popping pills’ and puffing inhalers since my early childhood to treat my chronic allergies, asthma and eczema.  I knew there had to be another way.

I made the decision to pursue alternative forms of healing.

My mum supported me when I told her I had made the decision to explore alternative forms of healing.

I started exploring the different healing modalities, trying out things such as iridology, reflexology and homeopathy.

Finally, we stumbled across a naturopath and medical intuitive that I instantly connected with.

With her pendulum in hand, she dowsed my body systems and quickly identified my organ weaknesses and food allergies.  With her guidance and support it wasn’t long before my body started to mend and I was able to return to University.

Over the next two years, I lost over 60 pounds (approximately 50 tubs of butter), discovered my passion for yoga and also had my first proper relationship.

My journey back to health was exactly that, a journey. Some days were easier than others.  The thing that guided me through was me belief and resolve that I could heal and that I did deserve to live a vibrant, full and healthy life.

Today my clients often ask me what things made all the difference on my healing journey.  Here are 5 insights that I typically share...

The 5 Keys to Healing the Mind-Body.

Key 1. We are each responsible for creating our own health.

You cannot delegate responsibility for your health to someone else and expect to stay healthy.  
My wake-up call was all about realising that either I took responsibility for my health or I gave it away to someone else who may or may not have my best interests at heart.

Other companies, such as those involved in the food, the pharmaceutical, the dieting, the advertising, the health insurance, the medical, the nutritional supplements, the cigarette, and the alcohol industries all have financially “vested” interests in us listening and believing their messages about health.

Taking responsibility for our own health means questioning the health messages that you hear and seeing if they resonate truth. They are on television, in our newspapers, and all around us in your day-to-day life.  Ask yourself, do I believe these messages? If you don’t know, take some time to research it thoroughly before making a decision or find someone who you trust who has already done the research.

I believe that taking responsibility for creating vibrant health means making small, consistent and healthy choices for ourselves day by day, moment by moment.

Through undergoing my own personal healing experience, I was surprised to learn that no-one knew my body better than me. Through empowering myself with knowledge and information, I could start to make my own healthy decisions, working alongside health professionals who supported me to achieve my health goals.

Prior to my illness, I realised that I hadn’t been taking responsibility for myself and my health. I had been taking responsibility for my “responsibilities”, and for looking after others needs, but in the process had neglected to take care of my own needs, at the expense of my health.

After educating myself about how my body worked, I realised that healing wasn’t complicated, complex or confusing. Once I took full responsibility for my health, I realised that creating vibrant health was possible.

Key #2. The mind and the body are totally connected to each other.

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. This is often called the “mind/body connection.” Repeated thought patterns manifest physically in the body. Stress first manifests in the mind, and then it shows up in the body.

When you are stressed, anxious or upset, your body gently tries to tell you that something isn’t right. For example, high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer might develop after a particularly stressful event, such as the death of a loved one.

Think back to the last big exam or public speech you had to perform. Do you recall how you felt? Possibly you experienced anxiety, nervousness, heart racing, and sweaty palms? Often people report that when they get nervous, they experience the sensation of butterflies in their stomach.

Significant emotional trauma triggers instantaneous physiological symptoms. Remember the last time you received some bad news? Upon witnessing or experiencing a trauma, the mind is impacted, and the body is affected too. The heart may pound, blood rushes through the body, and your palms become sweaty as adrenaline is rapidly released into the body. The mind does affect the body. In fearful states, people have reported being able to do “impossible feats”, such as lifting cars to save loved ones.

Key #3. The body is constantly communicating to us.

Every moment, the mind and the body are constantly communicating through thoughts, emotions, and feelings. But in our modern day world many of us have been disconnected from this inner guidance.

For most of us, life in the 21st Century, is faster and busier than ever before, filled with to-do lists, stress and frustration.  Interestingly, the NHS and the NIH are reporting that we are also sicker than ever before, with chronic disease and obesity on the rise.

Health is created by listening to our bodies and staying in tune with our inner wisdom. Disease is created when we are disconnected from the natural rhythm of our bodies. Health and chronic disease are not random. They are created through the day to day choices we make.
In her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ Metaphysics healer and author, Louise Hay has created an excellent guide on what specific body ailments are trying to communicate.

The way that the body communicates with each individual is unique. The symptoms may range from small niggles like body aches, body pains, indigestion, headaches, exhaustion, low energy, and general weakened immune system to much louder, more urgent signals such as road rage, chronic disease and harmful addictions.

Most people either ignore these bodily symptoms or simply don’t hear them. However, the body is constantly communicating information to us, often we just have to slow down enough to hear the messages and act upon them.

As I re-connected back to my body, I noticed that there was a correlation between my eczema and stress. When I was feeling emotionally and spiritually stressed, my eczema would flare up. When I expressed my emotions in healthy ways, I didn’t have any eczema break outs.

Key#4. Heal the root cause of disease, don’t just treat the symptoms.

To remove a weed properly, it is important you pull it out at its’ roots. If you just trim it back, inevitably it will grow back again.  The same is true for healing the body.

To create vibrant health, it is important to look beyond the symptoms of disease, to the root cause of ‘dis-harmony’ and ‘dis-connection’. Instead of popping a pill and hoping that in a few minutes we will feel better, creating vibrant health is about looking beyond the head ache and looking at the information that the headache is providing.

Often this mind-body approach means looking at the bigger picture of what is happening emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and psychologically in this persons’ life. With this approach we start to ask different questions, such as “what is the real cause of the head ache?”, and “who or what has been happening recently in my life/environment which could have caused my head to ache?”

With this information we can quickly address any energetic disturbances in our lives while they are still small, before they grow into major life concerns.

Most medications today efficiently relieve body symptoms but they never address the real problem. As such, they can never heal a problem. At best, they can provide temporarily relief of symptoms, like placing a band-aid over a bleeding wound.

Key #5. Creating vibrant health enables you to enjoy the miracle of life.

When you are struggling with exhaustion, fatigue, and illness, life is difficult.

With vibrant health we can appreciate and notice that life is indeed miraculous. Miracles are all around us. They are ever present in the cycles of nature, the design of the human body, and even everyday things such as electricity, and communication systems.
As I continued to work on healing my both my mind and my body, life transformed miraculously all around me. I started dressing differently. I started speaking differently. Gradually, I was becoming more self-confident.

I began laughing more, trusting implicitly in my intuition, playing more from my heart and being guided by my dreams and doing what was exciting and fun for me. Life indeed became a miraculous adventure of fun, creativity and joy.

Vibrant health and wellness is your birthright.

When you take responsibility for creating your health, everything changes.
Having personally walked the journey from chronic health challenges to vibrant health, I know that healing is possible. Health is a choice that we make day by day, moment by moment.

Exploring the mind-body connection creates an exciting new paradigm for understanding the creation of vibrant health and healing.
Wherever you are on your healing journey, my message to you is simple.  By following these 5 keys you can heal your mind and body and step into the miracle of life.

True healing occurs when we listen to the inner guidance of the body, address the emotional root cause of dis-ease (and ‘dis-harmony’) in a truly holistic way and understand that the mind and body are totally integrated and connected as one.